Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Funko Fundays 2015 Was a Blast!

Even though San Diego Comic Con 2015 came to a close over a week now, we are still in recovery mode and counting the days for 2016. Along with SDCC being our annual event we have attended since the mid 90's, we have added Funko Fundays on our must attend party along with San Diego Comic Con. Funko has held their Fundays party for 13 years now and has grown with the popularity of the company's success. This would be our third year in attending and we had a blast once again! 

Funko really knows how to treat the fans right in this event. We get to hang out with over 1200 Funko Funatics and share the excitement of hearing the news and updates Funko may have in the next year. Funko Fundays 2015 was moved to the Grand Hyatt, which was a much nicer and larger venue. We were treated once again to a great smorgasbord of great food and of course the drinks. 

Calm before the storm! Everyone was gathering in to fill the rooms and tables to find their lucky table or seat. During this time, we would sit with people we may know or become acquainted with during this crazy ordeal. 

After everyone has eaten and had a beverage or two, the party is about to begin. Thank you to our great host Brian Mariotti, CEO of Funko, the party is now able to commence. We did see a great video filled with Funko Funatics showing off their collections and why they love Funko.

 Brian Mariotti normally gives an introduction about what Funko plans to offer in the next coming year, but he felt it should be kept short to get to the amazing giveaways and fun. There was some great news that Mr. Mariotti did share in regards to subscriptions. Marvel fans have been pleased with the Marvel Corps program and very soon, Star Wars fans and DC Universe fans will be too! We were definitely excited hearing the news, especially for Star Wars.

 Speaking of Star Wars, we would get a cool surprise to see Darth Vader and a few Stormtroopers walking the stage. Throughout the evening, we actually got a few more surprises to see the Ghostbusters and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Funko Fundays was created for the fans and Funko shows their great appreciation in hundreds of great prizes that are given out throughout the night. We were able to capture pictures of what was offered before the giveaways and craziness.

Retro Freddy returns as Marvel's Avengers. There were only 144 of each Iron Man, The Hulk, Thor, and Captain America. The figures are six inches tall. 

Limited run of only 96 pieces of the Freddy Funko The Dude from Big Lebowski. 

There were two versions of the Freddy Funko Stan Lee with Blue or Red Shirts and limited to only 96 each.

Funko came through big time with this awesome Freddy Funko Deathstroke, limited to 196.

Disney fans had to be pleased to get the Freddy Funko Olaf limited to 196.

With Funko being from Washington, they would make it fitting to show their Seahawks love with the Freddy Funko football player limited to 196.

Futurama fans were treated to a Freddy Funko Bender limited to only 196.

Definitely one of Funko's more popular Pop! lines have been from Disney's Nightmare Before Christmas. Here is the Freddy Funko Jack Skellington that was limited to only 196.

There was a table filled with extremely limited Retro Freddy Hikari and Lava Batman Hikari. Some of these pieces were limited less than 10. 

While Funko had a few color variations of Hanna Barbera's Wacky Races Lil' Gruesome at San Diego Comic Con, Funko would make a very special colorway limited to only 48. 

Retro Freddy did not stop with Marvel's Avengers, but Funko made a few very awesome Retro Freddy's with Southern California flavor. Being from Southern California, I think I should have scored one of these guys. 

At each Funko Fundays, Funko will bring along a few extremely limited pieces that are sought after by everyone.

Freddy Funko Gold Bender limited to only 24!

Freddy Funko Glitter Olaf limited to only 24!

Freddy Funko Glitter Jack Skellington limited to only 24!

Freddy Funko Glow in the Dark Deathstroke limited to only 24!

Freddy Funko football player alternate uniform limited to only 24!

Last year, Funko brought along 36" Retro Freddy figures. They would continue this year in bringing even more with Marvel's Avengers and the Southern California 36" Retro Freddy figures.

Definitely pretty awesome to even have a few 36" Retro Freddy prototypes!

 Speaking of Freddy Funko, he was in the house ready to party.

Not sure when Funko plans to release their jumbo sized Pop! line. They brought along a few giant sized Pop! figures including this Star Wars C-3PO that I had to take a picture with.

Funko loves to see the creativity people bring in the Pop! platform and artists always join in to bring their amazing customs. The Pop! Cereal customs were awesome! The Funko Pop! Staff set was pretty awesome too.
 Giant sized Elsa and Olaf

The cool thing about attending Fundays is that everyone walks away with their Mystery Box of Fun that contains three Freddy Funko Pop! created exclusively for the party. Along with the box, everyone has the chance to win some of the extremely limited Freddy Funko Pop!, Retro Freddy 6" and 36", Hikari, T-shirts, and more!

This being our third year would also be our best year by far. Here is what we were able to walk away with this year.

 The Freddy Funko Walking Dead Daryl Dixon (Bloody) was limited to 500 and inside our Mystery Box of Fun.

Freddy Funko American Horror Story Twisty (Blood) also included in our Mystery Box of Fun. 

We were lucky to score a 6" Retro Freddy as The Hulk.

Also, scored a Retro Freddy as Captain America.

Freddy Funko Bender has joined our Freddy Funko family!

 Freddy Funko Olaf is now party of the collection!

 Thanks to being a Funatic, I was able to pick up this Freddy Funko Glitter Jack Skellington who is now our grail in the Funko Pop! collection.

 Freddy Funko Daryl Dixon (non bloody)

Freddy Funko Twisty (non bloody)

 Freddy Funko Talladega Nights (both versions) limited to 500 each came in our Mystery Box of Fun.

Along with the amazing haul we already acquired, we were also fortunate to catch a couple of prototypes during the evening. The proto on the left is Outlander Frank Randall. The one on the right is Harry Potter Pop! Ron Weasley.

Funko Fundays 2015 was truly a night of great fun and we were glad to be part of it once again. Thank you to Brian Mariotti, Funko, Funko staff, Prize Patrol, and Funko Funatics for making it another incredible year! See you guys next year!

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