Thursday, April 24, 2014

Original Sin – Spider-Man Has One

Direct from Marvel...

Original Sin – Spider-Man Has One.

This July, the secret is out. Find out more this weekend at C2E2

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Visiting the Enterbay Booth at WonderCon 2014

WonderCon 2014 was this past weekend. We had the chance to visit many of our favorite booths from Aspen Comics, Dark Horse, Boom! Studios, and many of our favorite artists and creators. There would also be a few booths that would be a first to see first hand and Enterbay would be one of those booths. We first learned about Enterbay a couple of years ago when we saw their Real Masterpiece Bruce Lee 1/6th scale figures. It would actually be Bruce Lee that would immediately catch our eyes at their booth. 

The likeness was truly amazing. 

The 1/4 Scale Robocop HD Masterpiece from Robocop 3 was also on display. Again the details to Enterbay's figures are truly incredible in the likeness. 

The Robocop 3 HD Masterpiece comes with many great extras including a couple of head sculptures and detailed weapons. 

NBA fans should be very pleased to know that Enterbay has definitely taken their favorite players to a whole new level. The NBA players included Derrick Rose, Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Blake Griffin, and Michael Jordan. 

NBA Masterpiece Lebron James and Derrick Rose

Kobe Bryant

Blake Griffin and Kobe Bryant

Close up of Lebron James. Again, the detail in the Enterbay figures is truly amazing.

NBA Legend Masterpiece Michael Jordan Series

 Not only has Enterbay created great NBA figures, but they had to create the most realistic Basketball Hoop I have ever seen.

Enterbay definitely has brought the 12" figures to a great level of quality and detail to please the collector today. While Hot Toys may create some of the best in likeness in their figures, Enterbay is definitely right there. If you have not seen what Enterbay has created, you may want to visit their site. 

Pop Culture Shock Toys at Wondercon 2014

We had the opportunity to visit the Pop Culture Shock Toys booth at Wondercon this year. It was great seeing some of the movie, cartoon and gaming characters brought to life with great detail. The details on the 1:4 scale statues and and 1:1 scale busts were equally amazing. Check out pictures below and see the intricacy of some of the famous characters.

Do you remember the movie Legend? This has to be one of the scariest renditions of the demonic Darkness brought to life.

Two fighting games that I loved playing as a kid (and now too) were Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat. A few characters are shown below in 1:4 scale and 1:1 scale.

Pop Culture Shock Toys did not just stop with creating amazing 1/4 scale statues and 1/1 scale busts, but would also create a life size Akuma statue! Chun Li even hung out for great photo ops. 

While we decided to join in on a photo op, Chun Li must not have liked the way we were looking at her. 

Pop Culture Shock Toys definitely had one of our favorite booths at WonderCon! 

Boom! Studios Continues 2014 Tour with C2E2 and Calgary Expo

Well on its way to earning elite status for its frequent flier miles, publisher BOOM! Studios announced today it will exhibit both at Calgary Expo in Alberta, Canada, from April 24-27, and Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (C2E2) in Chicago, Illinois, from April 25-27.
BOOM! can be found at Calgary Expo, held at the BMO Center in the city of Calgary, Alberta, at booth number 119. They will host the following creators all weekend:
               Ed Brisson (SONS OF ANARCHY, ROBOCOP)
               Megan Hutchison (WILL O’ THE WISP)
               Mike Kunkel (HEROBEAR AND THE KID)

In addition, the BOOM! Studios booth will host sketch artists all weekend, including:
               Brooke Allen (LUMBERJANES)
               Ian McGinty (ADVENTURE TIME: CANDY CAPERS)
               Wook-Jin Clark (ADVENTURE TIME: THE FLIP SIDE)
               Zack Sterling (ADVENTURE TIME OGN VOLS. 1, 2, and 3)

BOOM! will also have two Calgary Expo Exclusive Variants:

                LUMBERJANES #1 cover illustrated by Megan Hutchison (available for purchase at the BOOM! booth)

               ADVENTURE TIME #27 cover illustrated by Tait Howard (available for purchase only through the Convention). Starring baby versions of Fionna and Cake, this is the first-ever horizontal ADVENTURE TIME issue!

For tickets and more information on Calgary Expo, visit

At C2E2, which will be held in the South Building at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois, BOOM! Studios can be found at booth number 616. They will host the following creators at the booth all weekend:
               Caleb Monroe (PEANUTS, STEED AND MRS. PEEL)
               Jeff Dyer (PEANUTS)
               Michael Alan Nelson (DAY MEN, 28 DAYS LATER, PROTOCOL: ORPHANS)
               Paul Jenkins (FAIRY QUEST, DEATHMATCH, REVELATIONS)

In addition, the following signings at the booth are scheduled:
FRIDAY, April 25
4-5 p.m. James Tynion IV (THE WOODS) (Note: This signing takes place after the We Are BOOM! Panel)
SATURDAY, April 26
12-1 p.m. James Tynion IV (THE WOODS)4-5 p.m. Ben Acker, Ben Blacker, and Marc Evan Jackson (THE THRILLING ADVENTURE HOUR)
5:15-6:15 p.m. Claudio Sanchez and Chondra Echert (TRANSLUCID, AMORY WARS, KEY OF Z, KILL AUDIO) This is a ticketed signing. Tickets are available only at the BOOM! Studios booth while supplies last starting Saturday when the show opens.
SUNDAY, April 27
1-2 p.m. James Tynion IV (THE WOODS)
In addition, the BOOM! Studios booth will host sketch artists all weekend, including:
               Mad Rupert (REGULAR SHOW: SKIPS)
               Coleman Engle (STEVEN UNIVERSE)
For $20, fans can request and purchase custom sketches to be drawn on blank ADVENTURE TIME and REGULAR SHOW Get-A-Sketch covers.

Special C2E2 exclusive variants will be available for purchase for:

               THE WOODS #1 cover illustrated by Tyler Jenkins

               TRANSLUCID #1 cover illustrated by Khary Randolph

               ADVENTURE TIME 2014 ANNUAL #1 cover illustrated by Mad Rupert

BOOM! will also present the following panel at C2E2:
We Are BOOM!
Fri., April 25, 2:45 - 3:45 p.m., Room S402
Last year was a banner year for BOOM! highlighted by the release of our first feature 2 GUNS (starring Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg) and new first-look deal with 20th Century Fox. Archaia joined us as a new imprint, we expanded the all-ages KaBOOM! lineup, and launched our newest imprint, BOOM! Box. Join BOOM! Studios Editor-In-Chief Matt Gagnon and VP of Development Stephen Christy as we share our mission to create the future of We are BOOM! Come Innovate With Us.
For tickets and information for C2E2, visit

Aliens Hudson vs. Xenomorph Warrior (Brown) Action Figure 2-Pack from NECA Toys

Look for this bloody battle to unfold on store shelves near you! The newest Aliens action figures are headed out from our warehouse to retailers this week, and you won’t find these guys anywhere else: they’re exclusive to this special edition 2-pack.

This special edition 2-pack features an all-new version of Hudson, sporting a brand new aggressive combat headsculpt, helmet, and headset along with pulse rifle, motion detector, shoulder lamp, welding torch and more. The Xenomorph Warrior (Brown) includes an exclusive battle-damaged torso reflecting the rifle blast damage it takes in combat with Hudson.
Both figures feature over 30 points of articulation and are unique to this set and available nowhere else.