Saturday, August 6, 2016

We Bare Bears at San Diego Comic Con 2016

It has been awhile since San Diego Comic Con. We are happy to share our time there especially when we were able to attend Cartoon Network's We Bare Bears press panel. Daniel Chong (Creator), Eric Edelstein (Grizz), Bobby Moynihan (Panda), and Demetri Martin (Ice Bear) were present to talk about the show. Unfortunately, there was not any bear stacking but we did have a great experience with our little cub (A big We Bare Bears fan) in the press room. Check out the roundtable interview below.

At one point during the interview (1:38), Daniel Chong discusses the importance of the baby bears and how they have more opportunities to go to more locations than the 'current day' bears. Demetri Martin even said how he sees babies everywhere and pointed out our little cub. 

After the roundtable, they noticed his cosplay for Comic Con. He had a jean jacket and a giant burrito. His jean jacket is shown below.

Little cub got to take a picture with Daniel Chong and the Bears. He was a very happy cub.

They were even nice enough to sign his tote bag. 

Daniel Chong even tweeted about the little cub and his burrito.

It was a highlight for us at this year's San Diego Comic Con and a great first experience for the little cub.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Mezco Toys One: 12 Collective at San Diego Comic Con 2016

 San Diego Comic Con 2016 brought another great year in comics, toys, art, and movies and TV. We are always excited to see what SDCC brings, especially in the toy news. I grew up with the original Star Wars figures in the late 70's and 80's. Action figures had very limited articulation and the detail was not the greatest, but as a kid we were happy. I remember when GI Joe was introduced and we saw something amazing with how our action figures were able to move. 1994 would bring a new era of toys for us with the introduction of McFarlane Toys and Spawn. We thought the detail in these new toys was truly amazing and it has been taken into a whole new level in 2016. One of the toy companies that has helped bring a new era in toys is Mezco Toys, especially in their One: 12 Collective that brings Marvel, DC, Star Trek, Judge Dredd, and Universal Monsters to life in a 6" scale format. 

We visited the Mezco Toys booth during San Diego Comic Con and we were not disappointed in this amazing line of the One:12 Collective. It is truly hard to believe where toys have gone in the detail and articulation. These are not quite the toys we played with growing up as children. 

Mezco Toys has developed a line of toys that is sure to continue because of the detail and various licenses they have acquired and I hope to see more in the near future.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Hasbro Star Wars Black Series, Rogue One, and More at San Diego Comic Con 2016

While San Diego Comic Con has come and gone, we are still grasping the amazing displays of toys, comics, exclusives, and news we got throughout the weekend of what is to come. With Star Wars Celebration Europe being the previous weekend, we were not sure what to expect at SDCC. We were hoping to see some Rogue one coverage, new figures from Hasbro, and an awesome set up in the Lucasfilm Pavilion and we were not disappointed. 

We are huge Star Wars fans so we knew we would have to visit the Lucasfilm Pavilion. We were treated to some amazing costumes from Rogue One.

 Inside Lucasfilm Pavilion, there was the Rogue One costume setup, Her Universe, Jakks Toys, Santa Cruz, Hallmark, Del Rey, Topps Star Wars Card Trader, and more. We have become big Star Wars Card Trader fans, so we had to pay a daily visit where Topps treated us very nicely in giving us access to the exclusive SDCC pack and daily free credits. 

Our next stop would be the Hasbro booth. Here we would find the Beachtrooper that will be in Rogue One. I am very excited because we are being given the old with some familiar Original Trilogy characters along with the new. Who does not like to see a new trooper or two? 

Hasbro did unveil throughout the weekend a few new figures and a surprise to release a Rogue One sneak peak figure of Jyn Erso. 

Along with the release of the Jyn Erso Black Series SDCC exclusive, Hasbro shared a few new Black Series figures coming very soon. 

Hasbro did also have many 3 3/4" figures on display, but we wanted to focus mainly on the Black Series line. They definitely got our attention though in a set or diorama that we could not pass sharing, especially since it was for Rogue One. Hasbro always creates amazing displays of their Star Wars lines and Transformers and Marvel Legends. For Star Wars, the Hasbro crew came through in a beautiful Rogue One display. 

This set was so impressive from Hasbro and it brings me wanting more for Rogue One and for December to be here already. Good news for the Star Wars fans! Force Friday is returning September 30th! Are you ready? We will definitely be hanging out and buying our Rogue One merchandise on Force Friday. 

We will be sharing our other coverage for Star Wars from Gentle Giant, Sideshow Collectibles, Hot Toys, and other San Diego Comic Con 2016 coverage.

Stay tuned!