Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Are You Ready for the Shiva Force SDCC 2017?

You have to love the retro feel on this commercial created by Skybound! When Skybound had first announced this San Diego Comic Con 2017 Exclusive a couple weeks ago, they already had us psyched for this set. I already had wanted it because of the awesome GI Joe vintage style packaging for each figure. This commercial has sealed the deal! 

As Skybound Entertainment does each year at SDCC, they will be bringing a few more amazing exclusives along from other great titles including a new Saga action figure set and Outcast.

Who is getting excited for SDCC 17! Here we are with less than one month away. We are excited to get back in gear to share the news again in toys, comics, movies and TV, and art. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Image Comics 25th Anniversary Blind Box


 In celebration of Image Comics’ 25th Anniversary, Image Comics is printing 1,992 blind boxes in commemoration of the company’s founding year in 1992. The IMAGE COMICS 25th ANNIVERSARY BLIND BOX will be available in comic stores on July 19th.

Each IMAGE COMICS 25TH ANNIVERSARY BLIND BOX will contain an assortment of 25 polybagged comics comprised of 17 all-new 2017 series and featuring limited edition variant covers only available in this box. Each comic will be bagged in opaque black poly to keep every comic a surprise.

Each box may include a randomized mix of the following variants:
  • 25th anniversary variant cover
  • B&W 25th anniversary cover
  • Virgin 25th anniversary cover 
  • Virgin B&W 25th anniversary cover 
  • Blank wraparound sketch cover
  • Extremely rare sketch covers drawn by each series artists—25 copies per series of the 17 selected launches
  • Exclusive THE WALKING DEAD: HERE’S NEGAN! #1 limited to 500 copies—the first 24 pages of Negan’s origin story printed in single-issue-format for the first and only time.
 One of the rare Ig Guara ROSE #1 sketch covers that could appear in your BLIND BOX.
 One of the rare Geoff Shaw GOD COUNTRY #1 sketch covers that could appear in the BLIND BOX. 

  One of the rare Leandro Fernandez OLD GUARD #1 sketch covers that could appear in the BLIND BOX. 

This is pretty huge for comic book fans, especially if you were collecting in the early 90's. Image Comics was a huge break through to the comic world with seeing so many new original comics and characters. For my brothers and I, Image Comics became a new world because of the original stories and especially the artwork. I am a huge fan of Image Comics because of being an independent company and allowing the creators and artists to make their own. I have definitely loved the direction that Image Comics has taken and it is rather shocking to believe that it is already 25 years.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The Final Premonition – Your First Look at CIVIL WAR II #8!

Direct from Marvel...

The Final Premonition – Your First Look at CIVIL WAR II #8!

This is it! Captain Marvel vs. Iron Man for the fate of the Marvel Universe! Today, we’re pleased to present your first look inside CIVIL WAR II #8 – the epic final chapter! Blockbuster creators Brian Michael Bendis and David Marquez go out with a seismic bang as fists fly over Washington D.C. Plus, Ulysses’ precognitive powers grow stronger with each passing moment. As they reach their peak, what horrors from the future will be unleashed? And seeds sown here will bear bitter fruit for the Marvel Universe of tomorrow. Protect the future or change the future? It all gets decided here! Don’t miss the comic that will have the whole world talking when CIVIL WAR II #8 comes to comic shops and digital devices everywhere on December 28th!

CIVIL WAR II #8 (SEP161000)
Variant Covers by MICHAEL CHO (SEP161001)


FOC – 12/5/16, On-Sale – 12/28/16

Monday, November 7, 2016

Marvel Comics’ “Ms. Marvel” Encourages Everyone to Vote

Direct from Marvel...

Marvel Comics’ “Ms. Marvel” Encourages Everyone to Vote
Kamala Khan, a.k.a. Ms. Marvel wants YOU to Embiggen Your Voice

It’s election season in the United States and Marvel wants to remind everyone that they have one of the greatest powers there is – the ability to vote! And who better to champion this ability than Marvel’s breakout Super Hero, Ms. Marvel.

Today, Marvel Comics is proud to debut an exclusive first look to MS. MARVEL #13, spotlighting Ms. Marvel’s quest to encourage everyone to vote this Election Day. Written by G. Willow Wilson (Ms. Marvel, A-Force) accompanied with artwork by Mirka Andolfo, MS. MARVEL #13 finds Kamala Khan at the start of a new chapter in her life and as she begins this journey of discovery, Ms. Marvel takes to the streets of her home town, Jersey City, to encourage all its residents to summon their own super power – the right to vote!

Can Ms. Marvel inspire and encourage her neighbors to select their candidate, or will this be more challenging than taking down Ultron? Find out this November in MS. MARVEL #13 and check out Marvel’s exclusive preview to witness Kamala Khan’s march to encourage everyone to get out and vote.

MS. MARVEL #13 (SEP161032)
Divided We Stand Variant Cover by TBA (SEP161033)
FOC – 11/07/16, On-Sale – 11/30/16

Thursday, November 3, 2016

GHOST RIDER #1 Brings Wheels of Vengeance to Marvel NOW!

Direct from Marvel...

GHOST RIDER #1 Brings Wheels of Vengeance to Marvel NOW!

Start your engines, True Believers – because this one is a scorcher! That’s right, Robbie Reyes is back and he’s hitting the gas and driving straight for your local comic shops in the all-newGHOST RIDER #1! Robbie’s co-creator Felipe Smith (All-New Ghost Rider) is back to pen the ongoing adventures of this high-octane hot head and he’s bringing new series artist Danilo Beyruth (Deadpool v Gambit) along for the ride! A bizarre and powerful object has been unearthed in Southern California, and the mystery behind it has lead Amadeus Cho, the Totally Awesome Hulk right to Ghost Rider’s backyard! What chaos will be unleashed when this jade giant comes face-to-face with the ultimate speed demon? Plus – this oversized first issue also includes a special back-up tale from Felipe Smith and artist Tradd Moore featuring the debut of Ghost Rider’s newest nemesis! Who is Pyston Nitro, and what is her endgame?  

Strap in and buckle up, because the ride is just getting started. Don’t get left in the dust when GHOST RIDER #1 speeds into comic shops everywhere on November 30th!

GHOST RIDER #1 (SEP160959)
Variant Covers by FELIPE SMITH (SEP160960), TRADD MOORE (SEP160961),
Hip-Hop Variant by FELIPE SMITH (SEP160963)
Action Figure Variant by JOHN TYLER CHRISTOPHER (SEP160964)
TV Photo Variant Also Available (SEP160966)
Blank Variant Available (SEP160965)
FOC – 11/07/16, On-Sale – 11/30/16