Tuesday, August 19, 2014

First Look at ALL-NEW X-MEN #32

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Face to Face With Miles Morales – Your First Look at ALL-NEW X-MEN #32!

Welcome to the All-New X-Men, Miles Morales – hope you survive the experience! Today, Marvel is proud to offer your first look at ALL-NEW X-MEN #32, from superstar writer Brian Michael Bendis and new ongoing artist & Marvel All-New Young Gun Mahmud Asrar! Dimension hopping has become a rite of passage for the X-Men and the All-New X-Men are no exception! Stranded and scattered across the Ultimate Universe, the All-New X-Men must find their way back to each other if they have any hope of finding their way back home! Thankfully, they might get a little help from the one and only Ultimate Spider-Man, Miles Morales! But some of the Ultimate Universe’s heaviest hitting villains might have a thing or two to say about that! Don’t miss the story that will have everyone talking when ALL-NEW X-MEN #32 swings into comic shops this September!c
ALL-NEW X-MEN #32 (JUL140694)                            
FOC 8/25/14, ON-SALE 09/17/14


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The Undead Epic Continues in GEORGE ROMERO’S 

This September, Zombie Godfather George Romero’s undead epic begins anew in EMPIRE OF THE DEAD: ACT TWO #1! Written by the horror master himself along with acclaimed artist Dalibor Talajic, prepare for an undead onslaught as zombies and vampires wage war on the walled in streets of New York City! Undead forces are laying waste to the last surviving humans of New York City – but now outside forces seek entry to the once safe haven. An invading militia seeks to take over the Big Apple. The current residents both alive and dead might have something to say about that!

“They all want what they want, whether it’s right or wrong,” says George Romero of the warring factions in an interview with Marvel.com “So I don’t think you’re going to see a lot of blinking. There’s too much at stake for anyone to give up. Power. Greed. Co-existence. Survival. It’s going to be a fight to the finish.”

“Act Two opens just a short time after the conclusion of Act One, but in that time all of our major players are advancing their interests,” editor Bill Rosemann explained to Marvel.com. “Zombie wrangler Paul Barnum has added fresh performers to his Circus Maximus, the zombies fighting there may be much more capable than even he imagined, Mayor Chandrake continues his seduction of medical scientist Penny Jones, Penny uncovers chilling discoveries about the dual threat to Manhattan’s civilians, the Mayor’s nephew Billy is making his own play for power, and the militia that we saw on the last page of our last issue make a huge discovery that will have everyone watching the skies.”
What’s worse, the roaming flesh-eaters seem to be growing smarter each day! The ruling class of blood-sucking vampires can barely keep their grip on power as they struggle to battle back the hordes of zombies. As the Southern army begins to pillage the greatest city in the world one thing remains clear – when the zombies, vampires and humans go to war, we all lose. Don’t miss the brand new jumping on point as horror master George Romero continues his zombie epic when EMPIRE OF THE DEAD: ACT TWO #1 hits comic shops this September!  

Variant Cover by MIKE MCKONE (JUL140678)
FOC – 8/18/14, On-Sale – 9/10/14

The Guardians of the Galaxy Face the Planet of the Symbiotes This November

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The Guardians of the Galaxy Face the Planet of the Symbiotes This November!

This November, dare to venture where no hero in the Marvel Universe has ever gone before as the Guardians of the Galaxy find themselves stranded on the home world of the Symbiotes! It all kicks off this November in Planet of the Symbiotes, the newest storyline beginning in Guardians of the Galaxy #21, from blockbuster writer Brian Michael Bendis and Marvel All-New Young Gun artist Valerio Schiti!
Ever since the Symbiote bonded with Flash Thompson, he has wielded it as a force for good, making the Earth a safer place as the hero known as Venom. Only the far reaches of space are a little bit out of his depth – even when he’s packing a crazed alien costume!

“Isn’t it interesting after all this time, we’ve never seen the Symbiote’s home planet?” says Executive Editor Mike Marts. “What does the planet look like? How will they respond to Agent Venom? It’s a lot of mystery, which is always fun. But come November, we’ll be adding to the Symbiote mythology in some new and exciting ways.”

With the Venom Symbiote back among its own species, where will it’s allegiances lie? Trapped on a world full of hostile alien parasites, the Guardians of the Galaxy might begin to regret letting Flash Thompson join their team!

Finally reunited once more, will the Guardians of the Galaxy’s first mission back together be their last? Find out this November, as the team are put to the test on a planet of carnivorous aliens in Guardians of the Galaxy #21 – the first issue of Planet of the Symbiotes!


Sunday, August 17, 2014

Funko Pop! Glow in the Dark Guardians of the Galaxy Groot Exclusive?

This is a Spoiler Alert!!!! 

The news has definitely been blowing up today for a Funko Pop! Glow in the Dark Guardians of the Galaxy Groot that was made exclusive. 

If you want to continue on, we will share the information that has been shared today.....

Loot Crate and Funko have teamed up to create an exclusive Pop! for the August Crate, which has a Heroes theme. Earlier today, someone shared a picture of the Loot Crate Funko Pop! exclusive, which happens to be a Glow in the Dark Groot vinyl figure. We loved it and were very excited in seeing the picture and the news of it being Groot. The Funko Pop! Guardians of the Galaxy Groot figure is extremely difficult to find in stores right now because of how popular his character became. To be honest, we were hoping for a Guardians of the Galaxy figure, in particular, a Dancing Groot. 

Loot Crate has mentioned that the exclusive Pop! would be a figure that has never been released and a newer sculpt. We are looking forward to getting our August Crate! 

Here is the picture of the Exclusive GITD Groot figure. 

We are just concerned about a Tweet that went out earlier today by Loot Crate. It stated that it is Loot Crate, not LootCrate, Not Lootcrate, Not LOOTCrate, 2 words, capital L, capital C. 

The sticker says LOOTCRATE, all one word, which has us thinking about the Tweet now. Is this the official August Loot Crate Funko Pop! Exclusive? We would not mind it being Groot at all as he was an amazing character in the comic series and the movie. 

Loot Crate has said that it would be a never before released figure and new sculpt, so it has us wondering. Again, we are just expressing our wonders now if Groot is the exclusive. Either way, we are definitely looking forward to getting our August Loot Crate in the mail very soon and sharing pictures. 

Loot Crate has also mentioned that the August Crate will be ending tomorrow mid-day and not on August 19th, so everyone should be placing their orders. 

Here is a link to ordering the August Loot Crate:

Remember to use the code, HEROES to get 10% off

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Sideshow Collectibles' Court of the Dead

We were first introduced to John Gilliland's Court of the Dead from Sideshow Collectibles at Monsterpalooza. That was just a teaser compared to the presence at San Diego Comic Con.  We were lucky to run into creator John Gilliland at the Sideshow booth and get our Court of the Dead poster signed.

First thing you should know is that this just isn't Sideshow Collectibles putting out a group of themed statues. The Court of the Dead is original content created by John Gilliland. In the war between heaven and hell, Death has created the Court of the Dead consisting of the factions Bone, Spirit and Flesh. The factions all very different, stand together against the forces of heaven and hell that seek to destroy.

On the Court of the Dead site, you can learn more about each of the factions and even take a quiz to see which faction, Bone, Flesh or Spirit, is your destiny. There is even a downloadable graphic novel on the site that documents Death's creation of the Court. 

Now that you know a little more about the story. Let's check out the Court of the Day characters that were brought to life and present at San Diego Comic Con showcase in the Sideshow Collectible booth.