Monday, April 20, 2015

Visiting Funko at Star Wars Celebration 2015 Anaheim

Star Wars Celebration VII Anaheim has come to a close and I can say it was the best convention I have ever attended. It started with The Force Awakens panel to kickoff the event and ended with Rogue One. We of course were looking forward to the show exclusives and one of our very first stops was to pay a visit to the Funko Booth. 

Funko came big at Star Wars Celebration by bringing along a couple of friends with the giant Captain Rex Wacky Wobbler and the incredible jumbo Pop! C-3PO.

We got to see a first look at the new Funko x Super7 Super Shogun Empire Strikes Back Boba Fett and the Shadowtrooper. We loved the great packaging and unique style of these pieces.

Funko would bring along four exclusive Pop! figures to the show, which included E-3PO, R2-Q5, Shock Trooper, and the First to Market Unmasked Vader.

Along with the Funko x Super7 Super Shogun Fett and Shadowtrooper and four exclusive Pop! figures, we would also see four exclusive Hikari and some familiar Pop! figures along with a few great surprises returning from the Star Wars Vault. 

It was already one thing to be able to pick up the Shock Trooper, R2-Q5, E-3PO, and Unmasked Vader, but it was even bigger to pick up Greedo and Jedi Luke. 

We were able to add a couple of great surprises while visiting the Funko Booth. We saw a familiar face and had to ask Funko owner Brian Mariotti if we could take a picture.

I would mention to Brian that we loved the booth and we were looking forward to Funko Fundays. He said that he was looking forward to giving us another big show and stay tuned for what is to come.

While we were visiting the booth and sharing on Instagram, we were hit with a message to capture a picture of the C-3PO for Allison of Funko. Little did we know that she would end up sharing it on the Funko Instagram and Facebook page.

Thank you Funko for helping Star Wars Celebration 2015 for being such an amazing event with your exclusives and booth and thank you for sharing our picture. We look forward to seeing what you will be bringing to San Diego Comic Con! 

There was also one more exclusive Funko Pop! that was at Star Wars Celebration as pictured above. Toy Tokyo did have the R2-R9 exclusive available at their booth and we were fortunate to pick one up. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Sideshow Collectibles Presents R2-ME2 at Star Wars Celebration VII Anaheim

Sideshow is proud to present R2-ME2, a unique re-imagining of everyone’s favorite sassy astromech: R2-D2!
The Force is strong with this collective of creative minds from across the galaxy! Starting with a blank prototype of our Deluxe R2-D2 Sixth Scale Figure, Sideshow invited over 90 friends and fans to participate in customizing the iconic droid with a brand new look. Check out a sneak peek at the progress on these one-of-a-kind custom projects below, and follow along on Instagram with the hashtag #R2ME2.
Adi Granov
Andrew Pasquella
Anthony Mestas
Ben Adams
Brandon Oldenburg
Carlos Martinez and Queenie
Michael Possert

These are just a sample of what is included in Sideshow Collectibles R2-ME2 Show at Star Wars Celebration this weekend. Sideshow Collectibles always brings it big at San Diego Comic Con, so we know this show and their booth are going to be incredible. Sideshow Collectibles will be located at Booth #1302.
Stay tuned for our coverage this weekend at Star Wars Celebration VII Anaheim. 

Gentle Giant is Heading to Star Wars Celebration Anaheim

Star Wars Celebration VII Anaheim is nearly here!! Two days to be exact, but who is counting. We are!! We have been counting the days ever since it was first announced that Star Wars Celebration would be coming to Anaheim and wondering what guests, artists, and exhibitors would be showing up. We knew we would be able to count on Gentle Giant to come to Star Wars Celebration, especially since they have been the best in creating Star Wars Mini Busts and our favorite Star Wars line from them, the Vintage Kenner Jumbo Figures. 

Gentle Giant Ltd. will be located at Booth #1122 and they are bringing a couple of exclusives along. 

After the destruction of the Death Star at the Battle of Yavin, General Pharl McQuarrie was personally selected to head up construction of a new Rebel base on the ice planet of Hoth and placed second in command of the facility upon its completion. Echo Base offered the alliance a much needed chance to rest, re-equip and re-group after the Yavin campaign.

The late Ralph McQuarrie helped bring the Star Wars Galaxy to life with his amazing art and it is only fitting to get his own mini bust. Gentle Giant has created an Empire Strikes Back General McQuarrie Mini Bust as he appeared in the film. This is definitely a great homage to Ralph McQuarrie. 

In 1985, everyone's favorite protocol droid and astromech droid starred in their own animated TV series. Star Wars: Droids, featured R2-D2 and C-3PO on their early adventures that took place before Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope.

It would be only a matter of time that Gentle Giant would take the Star Wars Vintage Kenner Jumbo figure line to another level by bringing the other classic figures to the big scale. The first of hopefully more from Star Wars Droids will be C-3PO, which will also include a replica coin just as the original figure included. 

We are excited to pay Gentle Giant a visit this weekend and looking forward to what they will be bringing along. 

Stay tuned for our coverage all weekend at Star Wars Celebration. 

2015 Gentle Giant Premier Guild Membership Exclusives Including Star Wars Mini Busts

It is that time of year again for Gentle Giant Premier Guild Members to renew or to join for the first time. Gentle Giant has just announced their exclusives for the 2015 Premier Guild Membership and there are definitely some great pieces that we want, especially if you are a Star Wars fan. 

Commander Faie, a by the book, no nonsense clone, was the ideal soldier from the Kamino engineers who produced him. This was the cause of much aggravation to his Jedi General Quinlan Vos, who was anything but by the book.

The Commander Faie Mini Bust looks so amazing! It would be good enough to get one helmet, but to get an additional helmet adds to a must want. 

The role of Scout Trooper is one of the most coveted in the Galactic Empire’s military campaign to restore order to the galaxy. Operating almost autonomously in small squads on long range patrols, these troopers are a most unwelcome presence to the Rebellion and other maligned factions. Moving quickly on speeder bikes to outpace and flank their targets, Scout Troopers are known to first target enemy commanding officers with long range blaster rifles and then fall back to call in the heavy support. 

Original Trilogy fans should be glad to finally see a Scout Trooper Mini Bust from Gentle Giant. 

It was 35 years ago in The Empire Strikes Back that the feared Sith Lord Emperor Palpatine first felt a great disturbance in the force. Fearing the possibility of Luke Skywalker becoming a powerful young Jedi, he commands Darth Vader to hunt him down and destroy him… or turn him to the dark side. 
Palpatine will prey on Luke’s anger, fear, and desire for vengeance to realize his sinister goal. The path to the dark side is one travelled well by Palpatine, for he has led another powerful young Jedi down it before. So unfolds the Emperors plan to lure Luke into confrontation with Vader and, ultimately, learn his true destiny. 

Gentle Giant has definitely made it a tough choice for the 2015 Premier Guild Membership gift between these three amazing Star Wars mini busts. The great news is that once you purchase your membership and choose your mini bust, you have the option to buy the other two busts. 

What Star Wars Mini Bust are you most looking forward to? 

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Miles Morales Faces the Death of a Universe for ULTIMATE END #1 Variant

Direct from Marvel...

Miles Morales Faces the Death of a Universe for ULTIMATE END #1 Variant!
Mark Bagley Homages Ultimate Spider-Man #1 For Stunning Variant Cover!

He was the artist that started it all – and now he’s going to finish it! Today, Marvel is pleased to unveil Mark Bagley’s exciting variant cover to ULTIMATE END #1! A stunning homage to the very first Ultimate Spider-Man cover, Bagley brings his inimitable style to a now classic image! The wheels are in motion, and the Ultimate Universe is set to crash headlong into the monumental Secret Wars. The end is nigh…but is there any hope for the Ultimate Universe or its most beloved hero?  No fan should miss out on this iconic, can’t-miss variant cover – only in comic shops this May!

Art & Cover by MARK BAGLEY
FOC – 04/27/15, On-Sale – 05/20/15