Tuesday, August 25, 2015

COSPLAY VARIANTS Bring Marvel Heroes To Life Later This Year!

Direct from Marvel...

COSPLAY VARIANTS Bring Marvel Heroes To Life Later This Year!

You’ve seen them at conventions, now see them on the covers of some of Marvel’s newest comic titles later this year! Today, Marvel is pleased to present your new look at the upcoming COSPLAY VARIANT program. See your favorite Marvel characters like you’ve never seen before, as mighty Marvel fans bring them to life for 20 exciting covers!

“Cosplayers are taking over,” says Marvel SVP Sales & Marketing David Gabriel. “Each convention I go to, it seems like there are more and more fans dressing up like their favorite Marvel characters. These homemade, hand-crafted costumes are so elaborate, it looks like they leapt off the comic page. The Cosplay Variant initiative is our way of supporting a community that supports us.”
Look for these exciting COSPLAY VARIANTS coming to comic shops later this year:
1.      A-Force #1 Cosplay Variant by Jay Justice
2.      All-New Inhumans #1 Cosplay Variant by Yaya Han
3.      Amazing Spider-Man #1 Cosplay Variant by Aaron Rivin
4.      Astonishing Ant-Man #1 Cosplay Variant by SoloRoboto Industries
5.      Avengers #0 Cosplay Variant by Michael Cox
6.      Captain Marvel #1 Cosplay Variant by Judy Stephens
7.      Daredevil #1 Cosplay Variant by Patrick ‘Rick’ Lane
8.      Doctor Strange #1 Cosplay Variant by Allen Lee Hansard
9.      Extraordinary X-Men #1 Cosplay Variant by Amanda Lynne Shafer
10.  Guardians of the Galaxy #1 Cosplay Variant by Contagious Costuming
11.  Invincible Iron Man #1 Cosplay Variant by Dale Oliver
12.  Ms. Marvel #1 Cosplay Variant by Soni Balestier
13.  Nova #1 Cosplay Variant by Cap Santiago
14.  Sam Wilson Captain America #1 Cosplay Variant by Eddie Newsome
15.  Spider-Gwen #1 Cosplay Variant by Kathrine Zan
16.  Spider-Woman #1 Cosplay Variant by Yashuntafun Cosplay
17.  The Mighty Thor #1 Cosplay Variant by Sarah Jean Maefs
18.  The Mighty Thor #2 Cosplay Variant by Kevin Spooner
19.  Uncanny Avengers #1 Cosplay Variant by Miss Kit Quinn
20.  Uncanny Inhumans #1 Cosplay Variant by Kalel Sean

No fan can afford to miss out on these exciting variant covers featuring your favorite Marvel characters brought to life by these stunning cosplayers! Head to your local comic shop beginning this October to get your hands on these can’t miss COSPLAY VARIANTS!

Star Wars Samurai Boba Fett Meisho Movie Realization Action Figure

Star Wars Boba Fett Meisho Movie Realization Action Figure

  • Boba Fett has been re-imagined as a feudal Japanese Ronin Samurai!
  • Featuring stunning stylization, Boba Fett includes ninja-style katana and sheath and numerous ninja-style blade accessories
  • Comes with characteristic removable backpack missile!
Everyone's favorite bounty hunter goes medieval! Boba Fett joins the Meisho Movie Realization series in a spectacular feudal Japan aesthetic, appropriately portrayed as a lordless "Ronin" Samurai via the sculpting talent of artists Takeyuki Takeya and Junichi Taniguchi. In addition to his EE-3 rifle portrayed as a flint-lock style blaster, this deluxe figure set features an extensive array of accessories - including characteristic backpack missile that can be removed / attached, plus the helmet-mounted scope is moveable! In addition to short ninja-style katana and sheath, numerous ninja-style blade accessories that can be subtly attached to shin and forearm areas are also included! Action figure measures approximately 6 3/4-inches tall.
We are huge fans of the Bandai Tamashii Nations Movie Realization Star Wars Samurai figures. We already have Darth Vader and the Stormtrooper in the collection and look forward to continuing this series. If you want a very unique, highly detailed Star Wars figure, we highly recommend this line.  

Monday, August 24, 2015

Skelton Crew Studio Chew Poyo Plush

Skelton Crew Studio has another amazing Chew comic piece to be added to the collection with a Poyo Plush. Pre-orders are available with today being the deadline to receive a very limited Cockfight Replica Ticket signed by Chew creators John Layman and Rob Guillory. 


The most badass bird you'll ever meet.

Plush Poyo has lept from the pages of John Layman and Rob Guillory's popular "CHEW," published by Image. This officially licensed replica measures approx. 15-inches tall from the tip of his comb to his cybernetic talons.

He's been made with amazing attention to detail, from his luchador mask to his embroidered eye and the exhaust pipes on his left wing.

Poyo is a collectible, not intended for children. (He might disembowel them, you know, accidentally.) For ages 14 and up. He's shown with a plush Chog for scale only.

Not guaranteed to be the most amazing plush you'll ever own. But, that said, he will be.


Starz Ash vs Evil Dead Series Will Definitely Kick-Ash

“Ash vs Evil Dead” is the long-awaited follow-up to the classic horror films The Evil Dead.  The 10-episode half-hour series is executive produced by Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert, and Bruce Campbell, the original filmmakers, and Craig DiGregorio who serves as executive producer and showrunner. 

Campbell reprises his role as Ash, the stock boy, aging lothario, and chainsaw-handed monster hunter who has spent the last 30 years avoiding responsibility, maturity and the terrors of the Evil Dead.  When a Deadite plague threatens to destroy all of mankind, Ash is finally forced to face his demons –personal and literal.  Destiny, it turns out, has no plans to release the unlikely hero from its “Evil” grip.

The cast is led by Bruce Campbell (Evil Dead, “Burn Notice”) in the role of Ash Williams, Lucy Lawless (“Salem,” “Spartacus,” “Xena”) as Ruby, a mysterious figure who believes Ash is the cause of the Evil outbreaks, Ray Santiago (“Touch,” Meet the Fockers) as Pablo Simon Bolivar, an idealistic immigrant who becomes Ash’s loyal sidekick, Dana DeLorenzo (A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas) as Kelly Maxwell, a moody wild child trying to outrun her past, and Jill Marie Jones (“Sleepy Hollow”) as Amanda Fisher, a disgraced Michigan State Trooper set to find our anti-hero Ash and prove his responsibility in the grisly murder of her partner.

“Ash vs Evil Dead” premieres Saturday, October 31st at 9:00pm ET/PT exclusively on STARZ with a 10-episode season.

Kidrobot x Santa Cruz Skateboards Screaming Hand Re-release

Kidrobot and Santa Cruz Skateboards are excited to announce the re-release of the Santa Cruz Screaming Hand Medium Figure!

In celebration of the 30th anniversary of Jim Phillips' "Screaming Hand", Kidrobot and Santa Cruz Skateboards teamed up to bring the iconic graphic to life as a vinyl figure.

The Screaming Hand Medium Figure was originally released in May of 2015. The figure quickly sold out in stores and online. Due in part to the continued demand for this piece, Kidrobot and Santa Cruz Skateboards are re-releasing a limited number of this highly collectible figure.

The Screaming Hand Medium Figure will be available in stores and online at Kidrobot.com on Thursday, September 10th at 9AM MST.