Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Topps Star Wars Card Trader Bringing Back Memories

I was pretty much born a Star Wars fan thanks to my father. I was able to see the Original Trilogy at the Mann's Chinese Theater where it all began. I was only three years old when it all began in 1977, but have some memories of it. I do remember seeing Darth Vader and other Star Wars characters hanging out in the front of the Mann's Chinese Theater. Thanks to my father, he would buy us all of the original Kenner Star Wars figures that we played with day in day out. Star Wars was a big part of the family and we collected everything. My parents were smart and kept everything even after we stopped playing with the toys. They even got into the Topps Star Wars Cards that have been kept in folders and in great shape. We paid them a visit before going to San Diego Comic Con and asked them about the cards and they pulled them out. It was great to bring back all the childhood memories of growing up to Star Wars and looking forward to the new chapter coming this year.

We pulled out a few items and had to take pictures to reminisce. The Early Bird kit has been kept stored in a safe place and looks pretty good.

My dad was smart and kept a few of the original catalogs and kept them stored as well. 
What really helped me to want to pull some of the stuff out is the new Topps Digital Star Wars Card Trader App. The App began in March of this year, so it is still fairly new. I had heard about the App, but it was only available through iPhones and joined Android in April. Unfortunately, I have an Android. As soon as it became available I jumped on it with no idea of what I was doing and what I was getting into. I was thinking to myself, why would any want to get an App to collect digital cards? What is the point? What is wrong with collecting cards that you can hold? Let me give a fair warning, if you are a Star Wars fan, SWCT can become very addicting and very fast. My favorite at first was the Vintage cards because of my love for the Original Trilogy. My new favorite series has been the 1977 Remastered set that gives us a new card each day that is going to complete the 66 original Topps Star Wars cards. This set has actually helped me to want to bring out our original cards to go through them, which is why I had to see if my parents knew where they were. They had them and we went through them.

Here are our Topps Star Wars 1977 original 66 cards that have been kept in a photo album. I remember always looking at these cards throughout my years growing up as a kid and it was great bringing back those memories talking about Star Wars. We are at day 45 now for the Remastered 77 set in the SWCT app and 21 more to go. 

Topps Digital has come through with not only bringing back many of their original Star Wars cards, but mixed it with a lot of the new for the younger generations. They have also played great homage to a lot of the amazing Star Wars Lucasfilm artists, especially Ralph McQuarrie with his incredible concept art. 

Here are a few of our Ralph McQuarrie Space Paintings showing his amazing works. 

 While some of the Ralph McQuarrie paintings have been made into cards in SWCT, there are still many more to go!

Since we are loving the Remastered 77, we are definitely hoping to see the series continue with maybe Series 2 to bring along many of the original cards Remastered. 

Wouldn't it be cool to even see some of the stickers?

I think we have a long way to go with Star Wars Card Trader. 

We did chat with Topps Steve and Topps Neil at San Diego Comic Con at the Topps booth and they did talk about many great things to come for SWCT. I am definitely looking forward to it. By the way, because of pulling out the old Topps cards and talking about the app, I actually got my parents hooked on Star Wars Card Trader and they are now also buying packs daily! 

One more set that I would not mind seeing as part of SWCT would be the great Photo Cards that Topps also released back in the day. 

Thank you Topps and Topps Digital for creating a fun app with Star Wars Card Trader. It is defintely challenging and frustrating at times in hopes of scoring that insert, but fun too! 

Happy SWCT trading!

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