Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Poe Twisted Anthology from Red Stylo Media

Edgar Allan Poe was a man of mystery in his works and his life. He is best known for his great short stories and poems, which include "The Raven". In pop culture, Edgar Allan Poe may be known as the "mad genius" or "tormented artist".  Why is it that one person's work is sometimes not recognized until they are gone? His work is best known in the detective genre and gothic. 

Red Stylo Media has just published the Poe Twisted Anthology, which is a collection of fifteen original graphic works of humor and horror. (and Life Lessons??) I guess it is pretty much sick and twisted. The stories and vignettes were inspired by Edgar Allan Poe's works and created by thirteen artists and writers, which include Jason Ciaramella, Enrique Savory Jr., Phillip Jacobson, Sherezada Windham-Kent, Alex Cormack, Benjamin Frazier, Andrew Jerz, Marta Tanrikulu, Jason Strutz, Dirk Strangely, Kyle Richey, Mark Mullaney, Andre Frattino, and edited by Enrica Jang. You can learn more about the artist and writers of the Poe Twisted Anthology at, which also includes exclusive content.

We had an opportunity to read the Poe Twisted Anthology and it definitely had that dark feeling of Poe's work. The very first story Absolution, sucked me in to read more because of how powerful it was. My favorite stories were the Zombie Cruise ( Marta Tanrikulu, Mark Mullaney) and The Tell Tale Cat (Alex Cormack). If you are an Edgar Allan Poe fan, you will enjoy this book, which allows you to see his works in a new light. It was very enjoyable and entertaining.

The Poe Twisted Anthology is a trade paperback, in full color, with a price of $19.99.

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