Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Image Comics: '68 #1

Zombies, anyone? Well, '68 sets us up in the Vietnam War in the year 1968 where American soldiers are fighting not only humans, but also fighting the living dead. If you are a fan of the Zombie genre, I would recommend '68 #1, which comes out tomorrow, April 20th in your local comic shops. '68 is an all new, on going series that originated from a one shot in 2006 by Image Comics created by Mark Kidwell, Nat Jones, and Jay Fotos. The original one shot is now available as a trade paperback, Horror Book Vol. 1 through Amazon.com and local retailer comic shops. 

There is also a great website www.68zombie.com, which will give us great exclusive news, art, and sneak peeks of upcoming projects. Anyone attending the Phoenix Comicon?? Well, there is great news for those attending the Phoenix Comicon this May 26 - 29 because the creators of '68 will be making their convention debut with life sized Eddie "Meatgrinder" Mann and "Napalm Charlie" zombies along with a full sized military jeep! We can not wait to take pictures at the show in May! Here is a little sneak peek of the '68 cover and a few pages. Enjoy!

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