Thursday, August 30, 2012

Custom 9" Disney Vinylmation "Teddy Krugrrr"

The Angry Koala Gear crew are big fans of designer toys from everything from vinyl to resin. We have followed Kid Robot and Munky King to be the best at creating amazing art. Disney joined in the fun to create their line of Vinylmations, which is a great line that shares art with very familiar popular Disney characters, Urban art, Star Wars, to robots. Matt Perez of the Angry Koala Gear crew has enjoyed taking his drawings to another level and began creating custom figures using Kid Robot's Munny figures, Rose Art blanks, Disney Vinylmations, and actually creating and designing his own figures. Our designer toys will be debut at Stan Lee's Comikaze next month, September 15 -16 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Matt Perez has always enjoyed art and loved creating different pieces. He always enjoyed attending the San Diego Comic Con and seeing the unique art that was there besides the famous comic companies. He would soon see the unique art in designer toys where artist would take a blank figure and make their own amazing piece of art. He would give it a try and his first piece would be the 3" Teddy Krugrrr figure that he customized by using a Disney Vinylmation. Once we saw this creation, I thought he had a talent that I never knew my brother had and told him he should create more and he has been ever since. He wanted to take Teddy Krugrrr one step further and he wanted to make him even bigger. He would create his first 9" piece and use a 9" Disney Vinylmation blank figure. 

Original Concept Drawing for Teddy Krugrrr

Original 3" Teddy Krugrrr Custom 

Matt Perez has been creating custom figures for a little over a year now and has continued to up his game in his creations learning new techniques. He would take it to a new level in his newest addition in customs with the 9" Teddy Krugrrr, using a 9" Disney Vinylmation.

 Matt's 9" Teddy Krugrrr is truly incredible. Everything you see on this figure from the claws to the chainsaw he completely sculpted. The pictures are awesome, but they do not serve enough justice when you see it in person. Teddy Krugrrr will be going to Stan Lee's Comikaze next month, September 15-16 at the Los Angeles Convention Center at Booth #1706, and we would love to hear what you think of this creation and our debut exclusive Cthulu Chameleon.

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