Friday, March 25, 2011

Custom Disney Vinylmation - "Teddy Krugrrr"

Custom Disney Vinylmation - "Teddy Krugrrr"  By: Matt Perez (, 2011

Hey Vinylmation fans.  I got a little something that I wanted to share with all of you.  I did this sketch a few years ago of a little girl in her room, that was worthy of a horror movie.  She was surrounded by evil toys, one of which was a crazy teddy bear.  I decided to create a custom Disney Vinylmation of that teddy bear, which I have now named "Teddy Krugrrr".  I will take you through some of the steps, from the original sketch through the customizing process.
This is my very first custom vinylmation and was happy with the final product.  I hope you guys like it too!

Original sketch... I know, pretty whack...


Step 1. Chose vinylmation to be customized.

Step 2.  Took vinylmation apart for prep.

Step 3.  Painted base coat, trimmed parts, formed chainsaw and claw.

Step 4.  Painted details on arms and body. 

Step 5. Painted details on head:  eyes and mouth.

Step 6. Put vinylmation back together, finished details, created, painted and put scene togehter. 
Step 7.  "Teddy Krugrrr" is born.


So there it is.  I hope you guys like my concept and finished product.  Please keep checking for new projects in the near future. - Matt "Obscure" Perez

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