Sunday, July 22, 2012

Man of Steel Panel at San Diego Comic Con 2012

Superman fans would finally have their time in Hall H during the Warner Brothers/ Legendary Pictures panel at San Diego Comic Con 2012. We would finally see the first footage in Man of Steel for the first time! The Man of Steel panel would follow Pacific Rim and Godzilla. 

This is what we would see on the big screen and the cheers were loud. 

Chris Hardwick would soon introduce Zack Snyder (300, Watchmen, Sucker Punch) to the stage, who is directing Man of Steel. 

Zack Snyder appeared to be very nervous by himself on the stage as he talked about Man of Steel. He was very quiet and kept his answers very quick. He would soon break out of his nervousness as his next guest would be introduced. 

Henry Cavill (Clark Kent/ Superman) would soon join the stage, and the man responsible for playing one of the greatest superheroes, would be welcomed by 6500 attendees. 

Zack Snyder would give us a synopsis on Man of Steel and for the first time, a World Premiere of footage from Man of Steel. 

Again, I wish we could record the footage, but under strict rules, we are not permitted.What we would see was awesome. It began with narrating and seeing a young boy. We would then see a clip of a young boy pulling up a bus in water and hearing a woman mentioning that she saw Clark pull that bus up. There would be quick clips, in between and we see Clark Kent in a full beard in what appears a small town in the winter. We would hear Kevin Costner (Jonathon Kent) as he is talking to Clark Kent about who he is. The audience would soon see what they hoped for, Superman. We finally got to see him in action with a scene of him flying straight in the air. We did not know what to expect in the footage, but we would see Superman in action fighting someone who has hit him and causing him to fly back into what appeared to be a bank vault and smashing it in during the impact. The footage shown looked very promising and I knew this would be much better than Superman Returns (2006). 

Following the footage, a quick Q&A would be open to the audience. Zack Snyder and Henry Cavill have to share with the audience how honored they were to be part of an iconic character in the DC Universe. Henry Cavill would share his excitement in knowing how incredible it was to be that person that holds that infamous symbol on his chest. A couple of guests would bring great laughter to the crowd with their questions. One gentleman would be so nervous up there and showed great emotion in tears in how excited he was. It even got Chris Hardwick to come running down to give him a hug. 

One young lady would even be so brave to ask for Henry Cavill's name tag. He did say yes and he met her at the stage where he delivered it to her. Of course, the audience was not pleased and actually booed her for asking, but I give her credit because she now owns his name tag from the panel. 

Overall, the footage and panel were terrific and has me ready to see Man of Steel next June 14, 2013.

This is the official Man of Steel teaser trailer that was released during Dark Knight Rises. 

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