Sunday, July 22, 2012

Gentle Giant at San Diego Comic Con

Gentle Giant LTD had so many items to drool over during the San Diego Comic Con. 
We took a tour of Gentle Giant's booth with Greg Crafts the Marketing Coordinator. 

Our first stop took us back to our childhood. Remember playing with the green army men? Now you can play with The Walking Dead "army men". Okay so the zombies aren't exactly army men but this is the first time that marks Gentle Giant going directly to retail. You can look for these starting next year.

 The next stop was the 12-inch Star Wars Kenner vintage line. A few of the new figures on display were the Gamorrean Guard (a gift for Premier Guild Members), Lando Calrissian (Celebration Six exclusive figure), Hammerhead and many more. The San Diego Comic Con exclusive figure was the blue Snaggletooth. Something that we loved about the figures on display was the backdrop. It looks a lot like the cantina playset from 1978. This same backdrop will be available around Christmas time. Just in time to play with, oh I mean display the set.

After the movie opens in December opens, Gentle Giant plans on showing off more from The Hobbit line. Shown below are Dwalin (a Premier Guild gift) and of course Gandalf. There are plans for statues in the future when the movie opens.

The next stop was The Walking Dead line. Gentle Giant created a prop replica of Rick Grimes shield and name tag. Perfect for collectors or cosplayers.  The Well Walker was rather disgusting. We could never forget the scene in season two of The Walking Dead with the 'explosive' Well Walker. 

Honey-Trap marks Gentle Giant's first time creating their own content. Gentle Giant is home to many great sculptors and talent. There are currently five characters in the Honey-Trap series and each girl has her own story. The poster artwork is by Kevin Dart. There are plans on sharing the stories of the Honey-Trap characters soon. We can't wait to learn more about the characters. 

 Of course what would a visit to the Gentle Giant booth be without Star Wars characters. This year's holiday mini bust is going to be Jar Jar Binks. From the Star Wars animated series Gentle Giant displayed the Sandtrooper on Dewback and the Biker Scout with ewoks.  One of the most impressive Star Wars pieces was the Darth Maul. Check out the pictures below.

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