Sunday, July 22, 2012

Godzilla's Return at San Diego Comic Con 2012

We would be fortunate to attend the biggest and greatest event at San Diego Comic Con 2012 in the Legendary Pictures/Warner Brothers panel. Hall H would be in for a tremendous treat with Pacific Rim, Man of Steel, and The Hobbit, but be in for a very special treat. 

Right after the Pacific Rim panel, Thomas Tull, founder of Legendary Pictures would have something else to share with the audience. We were already thrilled with the footage and Pacific Rim panel, so what more could we get? I thought maybe a couple of exclusive clips to The Dark Knight Rises, since it was going to open the following week, but something even bigger to me. The last question that was asked in Pacific Rim by a young boy was the question I hoped for to be possible. Guillermo del Toro said that there would not be any famous, familiar Kaiju in Pacific Rim, such as Godzilla. I was disappointed, but that would soon change what we would soon see! 

Thomas Tull said that we were going to see something very special and strictly exclusive to San Diego Comic 2012 and only for Hall H!! I was ready as all other 6500 in the crowd. 

The clip would begin with a person narrating talking about the end of times and all we see is buildings that appear to have been destroyed by bombs. Then we see a few skyscrapers standing and destroyed, but with gigantic holes in them. Could those holes have been from a meteorite that struck them? We then see a cloud of smoke rising and something that begins to appear out of the smoke. The creature becomes clearer and seems to grow taller and taller. And the moment of truth would appear, he has arrived, Godzilla and his very familiar and iconic roar!!

Had to share this only for Godzilla's roar!

The goosebumps ran throughout my body once I saw and heard him! The crowd erupted with cheer and Chris Hardwick was also blown away. 

We would soon be introduced to the man behind Godzilla and who would have the great challenge of directing the film, Gareth Edwards. There was not much that could be said about the film except that Gareth Edwards was extremely thrilled to be part of something so big. The film is planned to be released in 2014.

I grew up watching the classic Godzilla films and I am a huge fan. I was very disappointed in the  Godzilla (1998) and do hope to see Godzilla being created as I remember in the originals. We were able to see the clip twice and from the short teaser, I can say that Legendary Pictures will create Godzilla as I remember! 

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