Monday, July 23, 2012

Dragon Resurrection from Dark Horse Comics

At San Diego Comic-Con this past weekend, Dark Horse announced it would publish the first book in the exciting new multimedia franchise from DeZerlin Media: Dragon Resurrection!
Following the discovery of the remains of a dragon in the mountains of Tibet, adventurer Jesse Chang sends a DNA sample back to his twin brother, geneticist Jack. However,when a rogue American general learns of the discovery, he sets in motion a global pursuit to seize and control the technology for his own shocking ends. Now these twin siblings must synthesize the dragon’s DNA, creating a new generation of living, breathing dragons, in order to take on a tyrant bent on building his own personal kingdom.

A dynamic cross between Jurassic Park and Mission: Impossible, Dragon Resurrection represents the first-ever Chinese superheroes to be seen in the mainstream international markets. This dynamic new graphic novel from Dark Horse represents the first release of a franchise that will produce books, games, and other merchandise, leading up to a major motion picture.
“It’s fast, it’s fun, it’s cool—we purposely made a book that we ourselves wanted to read,” said writer/producer Mark Byers. “We’re so happy to be part of the Dark Horse team and to have them share our enthusiasm for the franchise.”

“Dragons are not just in fairy tales;they’re real, and they live among us,” says creator/producer Lin Zhang. “That’sthe feeling we wanted to create, and since dragons are a part of both Easternand Western cultures, we made an exciting action adventure that will thrilleveryone.”

Click here to read an exclusive 25-page digital preview!

Head over to MTVGeek to read an exclusive interview with writer/producer Mark Byers!

Look for Dragon Resurrection from DarkHorse in the summer of 2013!

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