Monday, July 23, 2012

Batman Artists Join Forces in Tucson

We have family in Denver and I remember visiting my cousins who happened to live in Aurora growing up. When I walked out of the theater after watching The Dark Knight Rises on the midnight release, I heard the news driving home. I was in shock to hear this and thought what a tragedy and horrendous event that I could not understand. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families and victims. With unfortunate events like this, the community needs to be strong and stand side by side. Tucson will definitely be doing this on Wednesday, July 25th at Heroes and Villains. 

Here is the official press release for the event:

In response to one maniac’s attempt to manifest The Joker in The Real World, fourteen local artists channel the spirit of The Dark Knight.

In Aurora, Colorado, during a midnight screening of the new Batman movie “The Dark Knight Rises”, a man dressed head-to-toe in bulletproof, black body armor opened fire on a crowd of 70 people standing in line to see the flick.

12 were instantly killed (including a 6 year old boy).  59 were critically injured.

When apprehended, the shooter identified himself as "The Joker".  Law Enforcement officials searched his home for evidence, and found it rigged with explosives.  At the time of this email, they still haven't disarmed them all.

One guy inspired by The Joker did all of this. imagine what a group of people inspired by The Batman are capable of.

This Wednesday (July 25th), fourteen artists are going to set up shop at Heroes and Villains and do $10 sketches of Batman for folks--the entirety of which will go to The New Venture Fund, a charitable organization dedicated to supporting the victims & the families of the victims of the Aurora tragedy. 

Those artists are:

Ryan Huna Smith 12pm-2pm
Greg Mannino 12pm-2pm
Adam Rex 12pm-3pm
Jenn Corella 12pm-3pm
Dadicus 2pm-8pm
Ernie Najera 2pm-8pm
Brian Augustyn 2pm-8pm
Eric Schock - 3:30pm-7pm
Clay Lewis 3:30pm-8pm
Hannah Nance Partlow 4pm-6pm
Jason Pedersen 4:30pm-6pm
Liz Danforth 5pm-7pm
Ross Demma 5pm-7pm
Arnie Bermudez 6pm-8pm

In addition to the $10 sketches, there will be several Batman-related pieces up for auction, and $2 memorial ribbons (again, the entirety of which goes towards The New Venture Fund) created by Jason Pedersen.

To donate via telephone, please call 520-321-HERO with your credit card information.

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