Saturday, January 28, 2012

Hasbro Star Wars Vintage Collection -The Phantom Menace: Promo Sticker vs. No Sticker

Hasbro has been doing it right in their Star Wars Vintage Collection line. This is by far my favorite line that they have released in figures because of the vintage cards and because of the quality and detail in the figures. There have been some very hard figures to find for many collectors and a few variants, such as the Wedge Antilles. 

In the last month stores have been very scarce in finding new Star Wars figures. Hasbro placed a date on the Star Wars Vintage Collection - Episode I: The Phantom Menace wave with a release of January 30th. There was a short period where Hasbro supposedly pulled the date where a few lucky collectors were able to score the wave. I guess I can say I was lucky to pick up a couple of figures in the wave before they are released in stores this Monday, January 30th.

Well Star Wars collectors, I guess we will need to be prepared for an immediate variant in the cards. As you can see, there will be two variations out in this wave. A set with the promo sticker for a chance to win a Life Sized Darth Maul Statue signed by George Lucas and a set without the sticker. At first, I thought that Hasbro might have forgotten to add the sticker, but in further research I found that the cards without the stickers are also missing the forms as you see in the bottom of the Quinlan Vos card on the left vs. the right. 
In the back, there are also a few differences. The Quinlan Vos on the left, which has the promo sticker in the front has a sticker over the original UPC. The Quinlan Vos on the right is without the promo sticker and does not have a sticker over the UPC. 

The last detail on the variations on these cards is the stamp dates. The cards without the promo stickers have an earlier stamp of 12561 and the cards with the promo stickers have a stamp of 12971. My guess is that Hasbro had figures ready to go in the 12561 stamped figures and decided to create a contest, which resulted in later producing the 12971 stamped figures. Is this going to create an issue for collectors because they will need to buy both cards? Will it not raise any problems since the cards really do not have a major difference like the Wedge Antilles had? I guess we will soon see this week once the figures finally are officially released. 

Good luck Star Wars collectors!

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