Saturday, January 28, 2012

Angry Koala Gear Inspired Custom Figures and Toys

The Angry Koala Gear crew has truly enjoyed sharing news and updates in comics, toys, movies, and art. We started as fans of toys and have collected many various lines in toys from Marvel, DC, Transformers, M.A.S.K., Masters of the Universe, Thundercats, and of course my favorite, Star Wars. We have been fortunate to have many friends that love many of the same things as we do and happen to be very creative themselves. Over the past few months, we have gained a great collection in custom figures and toys inspired by Angry Koala Gear and we had to share with everyone. 

Our friend Pat Billings included our AKG logo in the Scott Pilgrim figure. Wow, he is rocking that Angry Koala Gear t-shirt kind of nice!! We enjoy his amazing custom figures and had a chance to Interview him awhile back. He also created an amazing custom Star Wars figure of me that I got as a Christmas present and it is awesome.

 This custom vinyl of an Angry Koala helped inspire me to want more. I remember seeing an actual picture of a Koala that looked angry and he had his arms crossed. We have never really told our story of why Angry Koala Gear. We like Koalas and how often do you see one upset? The gear comes into play because when we go shopping for our toys or comics or attend a convention, we always have to "Get into Gear" to head out. My brother Daniel Perez aka Harry Nipelle designed our logo and he created it by that very picture I showed him and from this custom vinyl.

 This custom plush was created by Delisa Perez aka Just D. We found a cool Koala plush kit Joann's Fabric and Craft stores. Of course, the Koala had everything you see, except for the angry eyebrows and the mouth to express his anger.

This Kidrobot custom Munny was created by Matt Perez aka Fuzzy Wumblez. He created this one early on and has been creating many other amazing custom figures since then. You can find his  various custom figures in the Art section of our site.

This piece is our newest addition to our Angry Koala Gear inspired custom figures and toys. It was just given to me recently from my friend, Jimmy. He has made a few Star Wars custom figures that are amazing. He has enjoyed creating figures he feels that Hasbro has not yet made in the Star Wars line. He recently began creating a few custom Carbonite figures of characters who may have become frozen in carbon in an alternate Star Wars universe. My favorite he has made is a Boba Fett in Carbonite that is pretty awesome that I hope to share someday. He wanted to make something special for us, so he asked if I could give him one of our Iwako Koala erasers. This was the end result and we love it!

We hope to build our Angry Koala Gear inspired custom figures and toys. We hope you enjoy!

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