Friday, December 30, 2011

Pat Billings Custom Star Wars Figure

Well, I hope everyone had a great Christmas this year because I know I did when I got a nice surprise! We are huge fans of Star Wars and I have always tried entering the Hasbro contests for a chance to become your own action figure and have never had the luck to win. Just D took it to a new level to surprise me and have Pat Billings a local custom figure artist here in Tucson to make me a Star Wars custom Jedi figure. We have always enjoyed his work that we have had many opportunities to see at the Tucson Comic Con and R-Galaxy

I have finally become a Jedi! Pat Billings even created a back story about the character. 

Jedi Knight: Pe Rez

One of the last remaining Jedi, Pe Rez escaped the Sith Massacre. Pe Rez lost his left hand during the intense battle with Clone Troopers, but continues to fight against the Empire and the Sith Order.

Many thanks to Pat Billings! You can see his work on Deviant Art

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