Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Little House Designs @ Comikaze Expo, 2011 by Matt Perez

So the first annual Comikaze Expo took place at the Los Angeles Convention Center this past weekend and the entire Angry Koala Gear crew was in attendance.  We had a great opportunity to meet many new people and interview a few as well.  One of the booths I truly enjoyed visiting, was Little House Designs.  My attention was immediately drawn to their enormous Yo! figure with chalk on hand for passer-bys to write on.  I had the chance to speak with Little House Designs' senior designer, Edgar Pasten.  As a fan of customizable vinyls, it was a great learning experience.  He gave me insight on the design business and the politics involved in a certain custom vinyl toy contest.  Here are a few of the customized Yo! figures, which were on display at the Comikaze Expo.

Isn't that the Giant Yo! Figure being brought into the Comikaze Expo?

I bought a blank Yo! at the expo for $20, which I thought was a great price, considering the size and different (in a good way) design of the figure.  If you like customizabe vinyls and are looking for a breath of fresh air of sorts, you may want to look into the Yo!.  To learn more about Edgar Pasten, Little House Designs, and their upcoming projects/designs, check out their website at Little House Designs.

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