Monday, November 7, 2011

Improv Comics Panel with Shane and Chris Houghton at the Comikaze Expo

Do panels have to have a set of rules? We have attended quite a few panels and most usually have a head table with a moderator and the guest panelists. Most of the time, the moderator provides a set of questions and then if time is permitted, the audience will ask a few questions. Comikaze Expo created a new set of rules for panels and I was lucky to attend the Improv Comics Panel with Shane and Chris Houghton, the creators of Reed Gunther from Image Comics. If you have had the chance to read Reed Gunther, you know that these two are fun, creative guys. 

This panel was fun because it required great audience participation to help create a comic from start to finish. There was not going to be that normal head table with the two brothers sitting behind it, but rather Shane and Chris standing the whole time to create a comic about a cat named, Bodunkles and a dog named, Pug T. Fist. Of course, the story seems to stand true where cats do not get along with dogs, especially a cat that can time travel in the kitty litter? Yeah, you heard it correct, this cat was not your ordinary feline! This was great fun because of the interaction with the audience and with Shane and Chris. They helped to create a comic together. 

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