Monday, November 7, 2011

The Cosplayers of Comikaze Expo

The Comikaze Expo was this past weekend at the Los Angeles Convention Center and it was amazing for not only a pop culture convention, but for being the very first annual! The Angry Koala Gear crew are huge fans of comics, toys, movies and art, and this con definitely had it all and then some. We wanted to arrive early to take pictures of the first people that would be entering the show for the first time and of course get as many pictures of all the cosplayers dressing up, which we always love. 

We love The Guild!!

Savage Opress

Amidala and Anakin 
Cosplay families are always great!

He had us on target for spotting him

I would not mind another Silent Hill game or a sequel to the movie

Harley Quinn and the Joker
It is too bad that Mark Hamill will no longer be giving us that awesome laugh

Mad Hatter and Jack Sparrow
Hey, Johnny Depp played both of these guys


Amazing costume 

Darth Revan
One of my all time favorite Star Wars games!

Princess Fiona was so happy to be attending the first Comikaze Expo

What a terrific Baroness!
Also saw her in some amazing Crimson Guard uniform pictures

I am Iron Man!! 

Great Andorian!


Edward Scissorhands or was it Robert Smith?

Incredible Deadmau5 Cosplay
This picture does not serve this helmet justice because he had a lot of
very cool light features attached with this piece.

Marvel vs Capcom 4? 
Ryu vs. Ultimate Comics Spider-Man (Miles Morales)

It all ends 11-11-11 
We are sad  

The lone Jabbawockee looked sad without his crew 

It's Adventure Time!!

All I can hear is Rod Serling saying, "You Just Crossed Over into the Twilight Zone"

Super Saiyan Vegeta looks alot like Homer


Spy vs. Spy 

I love Steampunk!! 


We caught Rorshach smiling

Super Mario vs. Angry Birds

There were so many cosplayers at the show! These are just a few that were present throughout the Comikaze Expo. We missed out on the contest, which looked amazing. One day, at one of the cons, you may finally see me in cosplay. 

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