Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sideshow Collectibles: Premium Format Thor and Destroyer Maquette

The Might Thor is inching his way closer to the big screen this Friday! The Avengers have assembled and filming has begun. Oh, and of course we can not forget about the First Avenger: Captain America coming out this July.

Who better to put out the greatest statues, but Sideshow Collectibles! This Thursday brings in perfect timing for the opening of Thor with two incredible, awesome, amazing, unbelievable statues of Thor and the Destroyer. Sideshow is creating a Premium Format Statue of Thor and what can we really say about this piece? The statue of Thor brings us the amazing likeness of Chris Hemsworth as he portrays Thor. The direct link to the incredible pictures of the Premium Format Statue of Thor is attached to the picture below. 

The second statue that Sideshow Collectibles is bringing to Thor fans is the Destroyer Maquette for pre-order this Thursday. This maquette looks very big and heavy. This is probably how should appear because of how massive he does appear in the comics and in the movie. Sideshow consistently makes me wonder how they continue to bring us the most astounding pieces. An incredible team that brings the fans the best! The direct link of the pictures and information for the pre-order of the Destroyer Maquette is attached to the picture below.

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