Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May the 4th be with You! Happy Star Wars Day!!

Wow, what an incredible year in the Star Wars world for fans! The Original Trilogy and Prequels will be coming to Blu-ray last this year in September! (Oh and in case you did not know, we are going to learn some great news today tied in with the Blu-rays). We knew they were coming, but George Lucas announced that the Phantom Menace would be coming in 3D to theatres next February 2012, with the other Star Wars films following. Hasbro announced new packaging with Darth Maul leading the way on the packaging! (By the way, I love the new design) More and more news and rumors of incredible figures coming to the Star Wars line and the Vintage Collection line. Hopefully, we will soon learn where and when Star Wars Celebration will take place. Last but not least, Star Tours 2.0 in 3D is opening very very soon. First, Star Tours 2.0 will open on May 20th in Orlando, FL at Disney World's Hollywood Studios just in time for Star Wars Weekends. On June 3rd, in Anaheim, CA, Star Tours 3D will shortly open where all the magic first originated.

Thanks to our friends Star Tours 2 Live, I learned that Hollywood Studios Imagineers were hard at work last night putting up the new poster for Star Tours 2.0. Simply amazing! I really can not wait. 
Here are a couple of pictures of the new poster that was put up.

This makes me very excited to see the tie fighters in the back chasing the Starspeeder 1000!
Are you excited as I am to hear the news today? What is to come?

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