Monday, May 2, 2011

The Walking Dead Survivor's Guide #2

Did you pick up your copy of The Walking Dead Survivor's Guide #1 yet? If you are a Walking Dead fan, I hope you did enjoy the first issue. The Survivor's Guide is actually a great way for a new reader of The Walking Dead to actually get acquainted with the characters we have learned to love in the series. In The Walking Dead Survivor's Guide #1, we were introduced to the characters from 
A (Aaron) to C (Carol). In issue #1, you found a couple of the more known characters as Andrea and of course, Carl who we have seen grow up very quickly in the comic and most likely in the AMC television series (at least I hope). I highly recommend picking up The Walking Dead Survivor's Guide series of 4 if you have not read any of the regular series yet, so that you may become familiar with the characters who have survived, deceased, or have gone missing. 

On Wednesday, May 4th, The Walking Dead Survivor's Guide #2 will be available. In #2, we will be introduced to C (Chris) to H (Heath). I have really enjoyed The Walking Dead series and I find the Survivor's Guides to be a great addition to the series. Here are a few sneak peek pages from the second issue coming out this Wednesday. 

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