Sunday, May 29, 2011

It's all about "Chew" Panel at Phoenix Comicon

Who are big fans of Image Comics, Chew series? WE ARE! The Angry Koala Gear crew love the series and enjoy and appreciate the original story. If you are a Chew fan, you may also know that Showtime actually plans to do a Chew series. We attended the "It's all about Chew" panel Saturday at the Phoenix Comicon and we had a chance to hear how Chew started and what we may see for the TV series on Showtime in the future. We have some great pictures of John Layman and Rob Guillory and also some great video footage. 

Check out the videos below:

Great news for all the SDCC attendees this July, especially if you are a Chew fan. There will be an exclusive cover once again! John Layman mentioned he was hoping to do a "scratch n sniff" cover, but not this year. I was so bummed because I was hoping for a chicken scented cover. I have an idea, how about a first in a textured cover with chicken feathers? John Layman and Rob Guillory did mention there will soon be a glow in the dark cover. If you do follow Chew, Layman did assure us that the series will end at 60 issues. Good news is that we still have awhile for that to happen, but we may be seeing "Secret Agent Poyo" in the future.

Rob Guillory and John Layman work well together and you can tell they enjoy being a team. Guillory mentioned that Layman allows him to create his own work, which makes his job easy. He enjoys how strange the characters and story are, which makes it difficult to be bored. I think this is why I really enjoy Chew because of how different of a series it is. Guillory does have some future work lined up and gave a little hint that he will be doing a Dark Horse Comics one shot in the near future. We are really looking forward to that because I enjoy his style.

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