Sunday, May 29, 2011

Phoenix Comicon: Comic Artists Signings at the Show Part 2

Our adventure continues at the Phoenix Comicon meeting many familiar guests and artists. We tried doing just one part on all the signings and pictures, but it was impossible because of all the panels, guests, lines, and many endless distractions of great costumes and geeks. 

Michael G. Macropoulos, creator of Spookgirl

Jeff Marriotte signing his work, Image Comics Fade to Black series.

David Petersen, creator of Mouse Guard. We not only got him to sign a few books, but he also did a sketch for us.

Greg Capullo, creator of The Creech. He of course is greatly known for his work on the Spawn series and Angela. Greg Capullo is now pencilling Todd McFarlane and Robert Kirkman's, Image Comics Haunt. We were not only lucky for him to sign the Phoenix Comicon Exclusive Cover of Haunt #16, but he also did a quick sketch for us before he went to his signing with Todd McFarlane. As a great bonus, he gave us a signed show exclusive mini-print he made of Batman limited to 200.

There were many more great guests and artists in attendance, but we had so much to do at this great event, the Phoenix Comicon.

Thanks again, and we will be at the Phoenix Comicon 2012!

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