Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Gentle Giant Studios: New Star Wars Statue and Mini Bust

As mentioned in the previous post, Gentle Giant Studios has some great things lined up not only for Marvel but of course Star Wars what they are known for.

Star Wars fans should be looking forward to the new statue and mini bust that Gentle Giant has lined up, especially if you follow the Star Wars Expanded Universe.

Darth Talon Statue $225
License: Star Wars
Item Number: 80095
UPC:  8-71810-00840-7
Height: 12”
Release Date: Fall 2011

Darth Talon, clad in black Sith tattoos is the female Twi’lek practitioner of the dark side of the force. Armed with a unique single crimson bladed lightsaber, Talon casts her gaze down her outstretched arm demanding nothing more than absolute appreciation for the inherent evil of the Dark Side! Jedi beware!
Standing at a bold 1/6th scale and roughly 12” tall, this fan favorite expanded universe character pulls no punches.

Hand painted, and featuring a clear cast lightsaber for dramatic effect. Talon is a hand numbered limited edition and a beautiful display piece in any collection.

Shae Vizla mini-bust $65
License: Star Wars
Item Number: 80144
UPC: 8-71810-00843-8
Height: 7”
Release Date: Fall 2011

Shae Vizla the bounty hunter like no other! Clad in Mandalorian armor and looking to find her next galactic prize!

The assassin of the seemingly invincible Darth Malgus, Shae Vizla is an impressive character in the unprecedented Star Wars: The Old Republic video game. Deadly as she is attractive!

Cast in high quality poly-stone, then hand painted. Vizla is a numbered limited edition that comes packaged in a window box complete with certificate of authenticity. 

Please keep them coming Gentle Giant staff! I am really looking forward to see what else you have lined up.

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