Thursday, June 9, 2016

Image Comics Chew Mystery Meat II: The Revenge Blind Box Chogs from Skelton Crew Studio

Chew fans, be ready for Mystery Meat Part 2!!
 Skelton Crew Studio and Image Comics creators John Layman and Rob Guillory have come through with a surprise second series set of the Mystery Blind Box Chogs. There will be seven new designs included in the series, Trailer Hitch Chrome, BeelzeChog, Flocked Up, Double-o Chog, Grape, RoboChog, and a seventh mystery chase Chog. 
Like the Golden Chog in Series 1, Chrome and Flocked Up are both limited chase Chogs this time.  
The first Mystery Meat series was limited to only 1,500 and sold out. The run size of Series 2 Mystery Meat: The Revenge will be determined by pre-0rder. A total of 50 complete sets were available for pre-order in the first series and good news for the second series is that there will also be an opportunity to pre-order full sets.

Complete sets will be available during the first TWO DAYS of the pre-order window, from 12 p.m. on Friday, June 10, EST, through noon on Sunday, June 12! After that, the sets are no more and you'll only be able to order this series blind box-style. Gotta have all seven? This will be the easiest (and certainly cheapest!) way to make it happen.
Once again, 10 lucky customers will receive hand-painted Chogs at random customized by the fabulous likes of "CHEW"'s John Layman, the studio's Israel Skelton, "Head Lopper"'s Andrew MacLean, "Five Ghosts"'s Frank Barbiere and Lauren Affe and one or two other to-be-announced guest artists.
But, this time, FIVE of the custom Chogs will randomly go to people who order full sets (giving them an 8th Chog free!) and FIVE will go out at random to people who pre-order the single blind boxes by July 10!

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