Thursday, May 28, 2015

STAR WARS - Plush Star Destroyer Review

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How about taking a Star Destroyer out for a test drive? We got to do that, in a sense. Of course, this Star Wars Star Destroyer was super soft, it makes you rethink how tough is the dark side.

Some technical specs you may want to know are:
From top to bottom is about 3.75 inches tall. 
It's about 5.25 inches from the widest section of the Star Destroyer sides. 
The tip to the rear of the Star Destroyer is 8 inches. 

This is a perfect way for kids from 3 and up to pilot their own Star Destroyer.  The fabric is durable and yet soft enough to put the entire ship in a force choke hold. Looking to take flight? Make sure to order the PLUSH STAR DESTROYER HERE from ENTERTAINMENT EARTH!

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