Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Star Wars Celebration VII Brings it Big with Trailers

Star Wars Celebration VII Anaheim was this past weekend and all I can say is that is was truly amazing! Star Wars Celebration VII would be our second celebration to attend with Star Wars Celebration IV being our first. We have attended many of other conventions from San Diego Comic Con since the mid 90's, Phoenix Comicon, Amazing Arizona Comic Con, Comikaze Expo, Tucson Comic Con, to many others, but I feel that Star Wars Celebration VII may be our favorite of them all. To be surrounded by thousands of Star Wars fans alike was incredible. The Celebration could not have started any better than to see the first full trailer of The Force Awakens and to have the return of Star Wars to the big screen since 2005 was what we have been waiting for. The first day would be just the beginning.

 On day two of Celebration, EA and DICE would bring something very special to Star Wars fans for a game we have been waiting for awhile now, Star Wars Battlefront. We were fortunate to attend the panel and catch a glimpse of the premiere of the Battlefront trailer for the first time. We definitely can not wait for November to come when we can play it for the first time.

On day three of Celebration, the excitement continued for Star Wars fans as we would attend the Star Wars Rebels Season 2 Panel, which would premiere the Season 2 trailer for the first time. We definitely got goosebumps for seeing the return of Darth Vader and a surprise return of Captain Rex.

On the final day of Celebration, Star Wars Celebration VII had to come to a close and thanks to Disney and Lucasfilm, we had the opportunity to see the future Star Wars or should we say the past with Rogue One. Unfortunately, we caught a teaser trailer for Rogue One and did not get footage of the trailer, which is not allowed at this time. Rogue One will be released next December 2016.

As we said, Star Wars Celebration VII Anaheim was epic! Each day gave us something we have been dying for for a few years now.

Thank you Star Wars Celebration VII Anaheim, Disney, and Lucasfilm! 

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