Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Gentle Giant Booth at Star Wars Celebration VII Anaheim

We are definitely beginning to have Star Wars Celebration withdrawals with having such an amazing weekend. The event was filled with incredible panels, world premiere of The Force Awakens trailer, Star Wars Rebels Season 2 trailer and World Premiere of Season 2, Star Wars Battlefront trailer, Rogue One teaser, special guests, 501st Legion, and exhibitors. One of our stops that we had to make was to one of our favorite companies we have followed since the beginning, Gentle Giant Ltd.

Gentle Giant Ltd. has been the best in creating Star Wars mini busts and our favorite line in the Jumbo Kenner Vintage Figure series. 

The giant Boba Fett and Yoda that are above the booth along side of the Gentle Giant logo are what we always remember as we enter their booth. 

Gentle Giant did bring a few other items along besides Star Wars mini busts or Jumbo Kenner Vintage figures. They had the Chappie Statue that looked amazing. 

Gentle Giant also brought two mini busts from their Marvel Zombies including Mysterio and Kingpin. 

Gentle Giant knows how to go big in creating their Jumbo Vintage Kenner figures, but took it on another level by bringing a Life Sized Vintage Kenner Stormtrooper and Darth Vader. Just when you think they could not go any bigger, they brought this guy along.

Gentle Giant brought along their famous life sized Jabba the Hutt Statue along. He is always a great picture grabber where fans alike and cosplayers surround him for selfies and great picture moments.

 Gentle Giant did bring two Star Wars Celebration VII exclusives along with the Jumbo Vintage Kenner Droids C-3PO and General McQuarrie Mini Bust. 

The Droids C-3PO is definitely a terrific figure and we were excited to pick up a new addition in our favorite Gentle Giant line. As pictured to the left, we got a glimpse of the San Diego Comic Con Jumbo Kenner Droids R2-D2. 

The Droids R2-D2 Jumbo Vintage Kenner figure next to a Silver R2 unit. 

We had to pick up the Droids C-3PO figure that constantly sold out early each day. 

The Star Wars Celebration VII Exclusive Droids C-3PO is such a great addition to the Jumbo Vintage Kenner line. The Gold Coin that comes with the Droids C-3PO was separate and it was great being given out this way to actually be able to appreciate its beauty. 

Gentle Giant brought a few more great surprises along in their 2015 Premier Guild Membership Star Wars mini busts being on display. 

Commander Faie, Scout Trooper, and Emperor Palpatine are the three Premier Guild Membership mini busts that are available for ordering your 2015 membership. Another year of making it difficult to choose your gift. 

We thank Gentle Giant once again for bringing it big! We had the chance to once again chat with Gentle Giant's own Chris and catch a pic with him. 

Just because Star Wars Celebration VII has ended, it does not stop our love of Star Wars. We came home to an amazing surprise! 

We received our 2014 Premier Guild Membership Jumbo Vintage Kenner 21-B Figure! 

Thank you Gentle Giant and we look forward to seeing you at San Diego Comic Con! 

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