Thursday, March 5, 2015

Clutter Magazine x Super7 Skullbrainer: Kaiju & Other Strangeness Show

 "Skullbrainers" is a group kaiju & other strangeness show, done in cooperation with Super7 and representing the talented membership of their Skullbrain forum.
Participating artists in this exhibition include: AColorfulMonster, Alexis Witherspoon, APsychoCareBear, Atom Gray, Bad Teeth Comics, Blake West, Bleeding Edges, Blurble, Bog x Squad, Butcher Brand, Cakes with Faces, Chaingun, Chiririnka Toys, Colin Yeo, destroythehead, DrilOne, Drลตg, freshtoast, Goblinpile, Gorgoloid, Grumble Toy, HelloInterloper, Hints & Spices, Jeffrey Lamm, Jon-Paul Kaiser, Leecifer, Lewnatik, MonsterFoot Creations, Mr. Krotpong, Mutant Vinyl Hardcore, Plaseebo, plasticpurpose, Quiccs, Quinn Humlicek, Rampage Toys, Rei Alvarez, Secret Demon Services, Seth Longmire, Slave One, Stacia Murphy, 3d-Moonman, UHOH Toys, Unaffiliated SJ, Ungawa222, We Bite!, and Winu.
The show opens on Saturday, March 14th, 2015 with a reception from 6-9PM at The Clutter Gallery, 163 Main Street, Beacon, NY 12508.

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