Monday, October 13, 2014

IDW Publishing Recaps NYCC With Big Announcements

 The eyes of the world were watching New York Comic Con 2014 for major announcements and this year IDW Publishing took the stage to reveal an impressive array of projects that are coming soon!

IDW & Disney Publishing Collaboration
Beginning in early 2015, fans can expect to see the first wave of classic Disney masterpieces featured in an array of award-winning and innovative publications from IDW. 
                Monthly Comic Series - This monumental collaboration kicks off with multiple monthly series featuring some of the most iconic characters of all time: Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Pluto, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, and many more!
                Artist’s Editions - The award-winning Artist’s Edition line will feature collections from the immense talents who have contributed to many beloved Disney comics over the years starting with the legendary Carl Barks and Don Rosa.
                IDW Limited - With original art, signature plates, and unique display designs, IDW Limited will offer a number of Disney series in deluxe limited editions.
                Micro Comics Fun Packs - Packed with a mini-comic, stickers, posters, and more, the Micro-Comic Fun Pack has been captivating new comic audiences on a mass-market scale and IDW will expand this successful line with multiple Disney properties.
                Library of American Comics - Beginning in 2015, the LOAC will begin collecting the various newspaper strips that have featured iconic Disney characters.
IDW & Marvel Partnership Expansion 
                Artist’s Editions - IDW and Marvel opened NYCC 2014 with the announcement they will partner once again to add titles and creators that will rightfully take theirs places among an already illustrious list of Marvel related IDW Artist’s Editions. Stay tuned for supporting announcements!
                Library of American Comics Spider-Man Newspaper Comics – IDW and Marvel continued to amaze NYCC conventions goers and fans across the globe with the announcement that are teaming up to bring the world’s most popular super-hero, the Amazing Spider-Man to IDW’s Library of American Comics imprint. Launched in 1977, the Spider-Man newspaper strips feature the kind of fast-paced action and genuine human emotion that have made Peter Parker a star in movies, theatre, TV, video games, and the comic books that started it all back in 1962 with Amazing Fantasy #15.
                Avengers Micro Comic Fun Packs – In one the more fun announcements of NYCC 2014, IDW and Marvel revealed they are giving Avengers fans one more way to keep up with their favorite superhero team, in the form of Avengers Micro Comic Fun Packs!  Look for them in both comic shops and mass retail spring of 2015!
                IDW Limited’s Marvel Artist Select Series – IDW and Marvel concluded NYCC 2014 with the announcement of an all-new series that will celebrate the most iconic Marvel characters and fan-favorite storylines in an all-new, deluxe, limited-edition format produced by IDW Limited. 
Douglas Adams’ Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency Comic Series
In partnership with Ideate Media, IDW Publishing announced that Douglas Adams’ beloved fictional “holistic detective” Dirk Gently will be appearing in his first-ever comic-book series. The series launching in spring 2015, will be written by Chris Ryall, IDW’s Chief Creative Officer/Editor-in-Chief and creator/writer of series such as Zombies vs Robots, Groom Lake, and The Hollows. The series artist will be Tony Akins (Fables), and Chew co-creator Rob Guillory has contributed a first cover image, too. Full story details and release information will follow soon.

G.I. Joe: Snake Eyes
The fan-favorite G.I. Joe ninja is set to strike out on his own in an all-new series, G.I. Joe: Snake Eyes: Agent of COBRA! Debuting in January of 2015, this series builds upon the acclaimed new G.I. Joe series, released last month. With an exciting creative team and a secretive mission, the stakes have never been higher!

Other exciting comic series announcements made during the week were Jem & the Holograms with Hasbro, Millennium with Fox Entertainment and Powerpuff Girsl: Super Smash Up! with Cartoon Network. For developing news on these projects and more visit www.idwpublishing and follow IDW on Facebook and Twitter

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