Thursday, July 31, 2014

Image Comics SAGA Hardcover Announced at San Diego Comic Con

Hot off the trails of winning two Eisner Awards at San Diego Comic Con for Image Comics SAGA, a big announcement was made from both creators Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples. 

On Saturday, July 26 at San Diego Comic-Con, Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples announced to a packed audience at the SAGA panel the November release of SAGA: BOOK ONE, the first in a series of deluxe hardcover volumes of their award-winning and beloved Image Comics series. Collecting the first three paperback volumes of SAGA, the 500-page-plus BOOK ONE will feature brand-new cover art by Staples. It will be released on November 25, 2014.
As Vaughan and Staples revealed in their Comic-Con panel, the cover of each hardcover edition will feature the series’ main character, Hazel. BOOK ONE’s cover depicts Hazel breastfeeding as an infant.
"Saga is the story of Hazel, and each hardcover edition will feature her at a different stage of life in a new cover from co-creator Fiona Staples,” said writer Vaughan. “I have no idea how Staples will top this first one, which perfectly captures our heroine's first few months in the universe. But we're even more proud of what's under the cover, 500 pages of story and never-before-seen extras, including a weirdly detailed creator roundtable about how the team makes a complete issue of our comic, from daydreaming to shipping."
Vaughan’s and Staples’ announcement came the day after they received three Eisner Awards at the annual ceremony held during Comic-Con. SAGA received a Best Continuing Series Eisner, Vaughan received Best Writer, and Staples was awarded Best Painter/Multimedia Artist.
Telling the story of a family escaping an interplanetary war, SAGA is an ongoing comic book series, released monthly by Image Comics. It has won a Hugo Award, a British Fantasy Award, and multiple Eisner and Harvey Awards. All three volumes of SAGA have reached number one on the New York Times best sellers list, and volume one has been in the top ten for more than seventy weeks. SAGA's next issue, #22, will be in comic book stores on August 27. Three trade paperback collections are now available, and SAGA: VOLUME 4 will be in stores in December.

SAGA BOOK ONE Deluxe Hardcover by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples
                ISBN 978-1-63215-078-3
                Diamond Comic order code MAR148090
                504 pages, $49.99
                In stores November 25
                Collects issues #1-18 of SAGA
                Rated Mature

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