Thursday, July 31, 2014

Funko's Funko Fundays 2014 Was a Blast During San Diego Comic Con Weekend

Funko would seem to have taken over San Diego Comic Con this past weekend with exclusives throughout the exhibit hall, which would be found at the Funko booth, Mindstyle, Toy Tokyo exclusives, Fugitive Toys, Blizzard Entertainment, and a few other spots. We have become Funko Funatics because of the many licenses they have acquired over the years and continue to see the growth of Pop! figures. Funko has definitely been one of our favorite stops at SDCC and we were looking forward to another year. Funko also knows how to throw a great party each year during San Diego Comic Con called Funko Fundays and we would be fortunate to attend our second Fundays party. 

Last year was our first year attending Funko Fundays and we had so much fun that we wanted to make it our annual event we would need to attend from now on and glad we did. The number of attendees felt like it nearly doubled in size with around 700 attending the Funko party. We would hear some comments around with people upset saying this is way too many people, but we felt the more the merrier!! We came for the fun, excitement, giveaways, Funko news, and of course the Mystery Box of Fun. 

 Funko Stan Lee Pop!s

 Angry Koala Gear's own Matt Perez aka Obscure joined in on the fun and brought a few of his Funko custom figures including his Pop! Stitch figure with a Toy Story Alien hoodie. He also made his Human Mickey Mouse, Boba E.T. Fett, and unique style Tinkerbell. 

My Little Pony custom carousel made from a Lego set that really worked. 

 There they stood, the 36" Freddy Funko figures along with hundreds of Funko protos!! They left us speechless. 

 36" Boo Berry Freddy Funko

 36" Count Chocula Freddy Funko

 36" Frankenberry Freddy Funko

 36" Toy Fair NY Freddy Funko

 More Funko protos!!

 36" Freddy Funko with Funko shirt

 36" ReAction Figures Freddy Funko

 Deathwing protos

 36" Freddy Says Relax Freddy Funko

 Breaking Bad protos

 Star Wars protos

 Funko Fundays "Can of Corn" The Can of Corn is a fun item people can win during the event. If you are chosen, people can eat the whole can of corn to win some of the very rare Freddy Funkos. 

Yes, those are Hikari Freddy Funko Creature of the Black Lagoon that were limited to only 12 pieces.

 Hikari Freddy Funko Jiangshi Hopping Ghosts, limited to 24

 San Diego Comic Con Freddy Funko

 Freddy Funko (Clear version)

 Freddy Funko Walking Dead "Walking Fred" 

 Freddy Funko Count Chocula, Frankenberry, and Boo Berry

 Hanna Barbera's Huckleberry Hound in different colorways and limited to only 24 each.

 Freddy Funko Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

 Freddy Funko Dark Knight Joker (GITD), Freddy Funko Thor Heimdall, and Freddy Funko TMNT Donatello all limited to only 24

 Freddy Funko Ghostbusters Venkman and Spengeler, Freddy Funko Boba Fett all limited to 24 pieces.

 Freddy Funko Back to the Future Dr. Brown (GITD), Freddy Funko Marvel Deadpool (Gray) and Deadpool (Orange and Blue). 

The festivities would begin with a introduction and thank you to the Funko fans from Brian Mariotti. He would share some amazing news for new licenses acquired for 2015, which included Orphan Black, Dr. Who, Top Gun, Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, Weird Science, Battlestar Galactica, Vacation, Matrix, Trolls, Stripes, Big Trouble in Little China, Futurama, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Sesame Street, Big Hero Six, Orange is the New Black, Gotham, Penny Dreadful, The Strain, and so much more!! The crowd definitely went crazy with the big announcements for the new lines coming. Once the announcements were made, Brian would kick off the event with the giveaways where the hundreds of prototypes and hyper rare Pop! figures, 36" Freddy Funko figures, and more were given away to the lucky participants. 

At the end of the Funko Fundays as tradition, everyone would open up their Mystery Box of Fun to see what they got. We scored some very cool pieces and are still excited for what we got. We were able to get the Freddy Funko Boba Fett, Freddy Funko Deadpool in Red Suit, Funko Freddy Dark Knight Joker, Freddy Funko Back to the Future Dr. Brown, Freddy Funko Thor Heimdall, and Freddy Funko Ghostbusters Stantz. We do have pictures of these figures in our Instagram @angrykoalagear along with other pictures from Funko Fundays. Pay us a visit and follow us for our SDCC coverage. 

Thank you Funko for another amazing year at San Diego Comic Con and Funko Fundays and we look forward to seeing you in 2015! 

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