Thursday, July 31, 2014

DKE Toys Booth at San Diego Comic Con 2014

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Designer Toy! While San Diego Comic Con 2014 has passed us, we will be sharing our coverage for the next couple of days. We hit many of our normal stops that we have visited for many years now and DKE Toys would be one of the booths we were looking forward to visiting. DKE Toys is known for bringing some of the great artists to create very cool SDCC exclusives and this year would be no exception. There were tons of very cool Star Wars mashups and other great "bootleg" style figures. 

 Killer Bootlegs Count Draco Knuckleduster

 There were some amazing "bootleg" style figures, especially Star Wars style figures. 

 Sket One's Darth Vader "Our Father" Gold version sculpture was pretty amazing. 

 SDCC AD-DT blew me away when I saw it. The AD-DT stood over 2 feet tall and included a carded AD-DT Driver figure. 

DKE Toys booth definitely had a large number of exclusives throughout the SDCC weekend and quite of few sold out immediately. We are looking forward to seeing what DKE Toys brings to Designer Con this November. 

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