Tuesday, May 27, 2014

threeA Toys Adventure Kartel Panda Mercs Panda Wu Set and Surprises!

It is that time again that threeA Toys fans have to be ready to keep clicking F5 for those Adventure Kartel surprises. The newest figures to hit threeA Toys site is the 888 Fat Tarts Set that includes Handsome Wu and F-Legion 6023 Panda Merc Set, the Handsome Wu (Single figure), and of course surprises! 

Adventure Kartel 888 Fat Tarts Set
Includes Handsome Wu and F-Legion 6023 Panda Mercs

threeA Toys is offering the 888 Fat Tarts Set that includes both Handsome Wu and F-Legion 6023 for $250. The set is the only way you can get F-Legion 6023. They are also offering Handsome Wu by himself for $140. 

threeA fans should also know that when a new sale goes up that more than likely there will be surprises and there definitely were surprises overnight. 

3AA fans are in for a special treat for a surprise offer of Adventure Kartel 3AA Panda Soot Qu. He is a 3AA members only offer and Soot Panda Wu comes in all black and carries a new Gun. The ink virus has spread to China. Comes with a special poster! 3AA Panda Soot Qu is $140 and available now to 3AA 2014 members only. 

threeA Toys fans should also know that there are Surprise drops and these are definitely big surprises that come and go in a hurry, sometimes seconds. The newest figure to join the surprise drops is Adventure Kartel Snow Panda. Snow Panda is a Light Blue F-Legion, which includes a new RPG yo! He is $140 and comes in surprise batches throughout the sale. Be ready to keep hitting F5 for this one. Good luck! 

Ashley Wood has come through once again with another amazing creation in his World of 3A! The sales go up for 24 hours, so you have another 11 hours to go for these amazing 1/6th scale figures on Bambalandstore.com.

Good luck! 

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