Friday, May 23, 2014

Boom! Studios New Series Thomas Alsop #1 is Coming This June

What would you do if you had the magical ability and responsibility to protect the island of Manhattan from supernatural forces of evil? Well, if you’re Thomas Alsop, you get a reality television show and make some money off of it, that’s what! This June, BOOM! Studios is pleased to announce the debut of THOMAS ALSOP, a new limited series from writer Chris Miskiewicz and artist Palle Schmidt, featuring a thoroughly modern warlock who fights demons as the current “Hand of the Island,” a title that’s been passed down through generations of occult warriors. Fans of John Constantine and Dr. Strange will love this new take on the magic-wielding hero who battles demons on the streets… and in his own mind.
“Thomas Alsop is kind of a dicey guy,” said BOOM! Studios Editor-in-Chief Matt Gagnon. “He’s a lovable rogue with the weight of his family—his family tree even—on his shoulders. Chris and Palle have created a complex character and a frenetic world that’s bursting with magic, history, mayhem, shenanigans, familial burdens, personal demons, real demons, boozy nights, and a deeply rooted mythology that it’s all grounded in. This series is crackling with the energy of new creators unleashing their talents; I can’t wait for readers to meet Chris, Palle...and THOMAS ALSOP. ”

THOMAS ALSOP #1 arrives in comic shops on June 18th with a cover price of $3.99 under Diamond order code APR140970. The issue ships with a main cover by Palle Schmidt and an incentive cover available in a limited quantity from Dean Haspiel (The Fox). Not sure where to find your nearest comic retailer? Use or to find one! It’s also available for order directly from

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