Saturday, April 26, 2014

S. Budko Booth at WonderCon 2014

We are very huge fans of actions figures and different toys and have become bigger fans of Designer Toys these past few year because of the amazing creativity artists have. While WonderCon is mainly a convention for comic books, many genres have been making their presence known, which includes Designer Toys and the Vinyl Toy World. One of those booths that would catch our eyes would be the S. Budko booth. He would have some very unique pieces that we definitely loved. 

Loved these very cool vinyl pieces that were also flocked. They were Swampmallow Creeps and Loathsome Love Lumps. 

When we talk about the creativity involved in Designer Toys, I guess the Petri Cultures could be a perfect example. Who would have ever thought to create a Petri Culture collectible. 

While paintings are definitely a form of art that have existed from the beginning, 3D paintings always seem to stand out even more (no puns intended). A few of S Budko's very cool 3D paintings. 

The piece that S. Budko had us talking about was his Heart Throb. Reminded us of a very cool Kaiju style creature. The title Heart Throb says it all in what this character actually is. The detail was very impressive. The funny thing that we did not catch immediately is that the cavity was formed with two skulls. It was definitely a one of a kind piece that we really loved. 

If you want to learn more about S. Budko, you can keep up with his works on Instagram @sbudko and on Twitter @sbudko. 

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