Tuesday, April 29, 2014

CoKreeate at WonderCon 2014

I love meeting creators and artists of any kind when I visit a convention.  I had the chance to make a lot of great connections at Wonder Con this year.  One connection, was with a new up and coming company, CoKreeate.  CoKreeate specializes in custom 3D printing from full body 3D portraits, reproductions, and 2D print  in the relief.  Something that sets CoKreeate apart from other companies is that they want to establish themselves within the art and pop culture communities, namely in the designer toy community.  They are working with individuals, developing partnerships in order to help artists gain a wider reach for their work, while allowing patrons and prospective clientele to see the quality of the work they are doing.  They are on the right track if you ask me.

One artist they have already worked with is Big C, a bay area artist.  Here is a 3D portrait of Big C.  An awesome feeling for a toy artist to see themselves in action figure form. 

Big C - Instagram (@BIG_C_ART)
Here are some other examples of what they have created as well as a print in progress of a Darth Vader helmet they gave away at Wonder Con.  Follow their work at their website and on their Instagram account, @cokreeate.  Keep an eye out for a collaborative effort between CoKreeate and myself. 

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