Monday, February 3, 2014

Obscure's "From the Mind of Madness" Custom Toys

Obscure prides himself in NOT having a niche.  He doesn't want to be confined to one specific aesthetic, so he tries to be as diverse as possible.  There are a couple of themes that have been recurring with his work lately, including Day of the Dead, due to its popularity.  The other is his very first series/collection, which he has titled, "From the Mind of Madness."  This series is a growing collection of original creatures, originating from the darker parts of Obscure's imagination.  Obscure has loved the horror and science fiction genres since his childhood.  He draws much of his inspiration from images from the horror and science fiction genres, including the Silent Hill to Resident Evil to Todd McFarlane toys.  This series features creations, which are meant to be releases of various aggressive emotions, frustrations, and stress.  Some people punch a punching bag, but Obscure makes monsters. 

Stay tuned in 2014 with what Obscure has planned to create and customize. Obscure also will be collaborating with a few amazing artists in their very own original pieces!

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