Friday, February 7, 2014

Funko and Super7 ReAction Figures First Look

Last San Diego Comic Con would introduce a new line of Retro-style action figures thanks to Super7 with their amazing SDCC Exclusive Early Bird Alien ReAction figures kit. As soon as San Diego Comic Con wrapped up, Funko's President Brian Mariotti would make a huge announcement to say that they would partner with Super7 to bring the Alien ReAction figures to a larger market. The incredible news did not stop here because he would mention that there were plans to create many lines of ReAction figures from Predator, The Goonies, Firefly, Terminator, and many more! 

Well, today the news would be even better thanks to Entertainment Earth for sharing an update in the Funko and Super7 ReAction figure line. Just as mentioned above those lines are definitely coming, but there will also be Universal Monsters, Back to the Future, Nightmare Before Christmas, Escape from New York, Nightmare On Elm Street, Friday the 13th, Pulp Fiction, Rocketeer, and so much more.

Many of the figures are now available on Entertainment Earth for pre-order!

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