Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Fathom #4 Preview from Aspen Comics

Michael Turner Cover

ALL NEW FATHOM #4David Wohl ­ Story / Cory Smith, Alex Konat ­ Art / Peter Steigerwald ­

A new direction in the FATHOM Universe begins!
Koi Turnbull Cover

Ale Garza Cover

As Vana brings her attacks below the surface and against the rest of the
Blue, Aspen must return to Muria and team up with Killian in an attempt to
stem the tide of destruction while trying to discover the truth of what
Vana's intentions are. But whose side is Killian really on, and are his
motives as genuine as they appear to be?

Preview Pages in Fathom #4

ALL NEW FATHOM #4 is in stores November 20th, 2013!

Alex Konat Cover

Covers by Michael Turner (wraparound), Koi Turnbull, Ale Garza and Alex

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