Tuesday, July 30, 2013

SDCC Chew Exclusive Glow in the Dark Chogs Are Amazing!

We are still trying to recover from our San Diego Comic Con adventures and sharing what we saw and had to get our hands on. We came into SDCC knowing what we were after and were lucky to get the exclusive Glow in the Dark Chog from the creators of Chew, John Layman and Rob Guillory at the Image Comics booth. This would be the second Chog to be released from Skelton Crew Studio. The first Chog is Pink and limited to only 1000 pieces and still available at Skelton Crew Studio here

Being big Chew fans, we need all the Chogs that will be made and were fortunate to be one of the lucky 150 who bought theirs at San Diego Comic Con. The Glow in the Dark Chogs are limited to only 500. 

As we said in our first review of the Pink Chogs, we love the packaging. The signature Chew logo on top and the Chog featured all around the box. "It's a Chicken. It's a Frog. It's Fricken ADORABLE."  Since we were with John Layman and Rob Guillory, we had to of course get them to sign our Chog. Loving the Pink Chog, Skelton Crew Studio, Layman, and Guillory came through with giving us a box that appears to glow in itself. 

It was time to open our Glow in the Dark Chog and take pic next to the Pink Chog. 

Skelton Crew Studio has definitely come through in creating an amazing vinyl figure with the Chog. The sculpt is terrific with great details all around the figure. They definitely have brought the Fricken to life. Because this is the Glow in the Dark version, the colors will have to be simple to be able to show its true magic in the dark. We had to get the GITD Chog signed once again! 

We love Glow in the Dark toys, but they are sometimes difficult to share in pictures. The Chog allowed us to show its glow in full form. 

Chew fans should be very pleased to know that Skelton Crew Studio have come through once again with another amazing piece in the Glow in the Dark Chog. Even if you have never read Chew, toy collectors will want to get one. There is great news for those who still need to buy their GITD Chog. John Layman mentioned today that this will be your only chance to order one on Skelton Crew Studio's site with only around 60 left before the rest will be taken to Boston Comic-Con. They will definitely sell out in Boston if any remain! 

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