Monday, April 29, 2013

Chew Comic Series Fans Should Pick Up Their Chog Vinyl Figures! We Love Them!

In a world where Chicken has been banned and is now being sold in the black market, something needed to be created so people could appreciate the taste of their favorite bird that unfortunately killed millions of people due to a bird flu. Of course, people could find Chicken but in an illegal and very expensive manner where it may have cost many lives. Through the magic of science and changing Frog DNA, the Fricken or Chog would be born. 

The Chog is one reason why we love the Chew comic series from Image Comics that the amazing team of John Layman and Rob Guillory created. It is a fun, original series that continues to get better in every issue. We have been faithful to the series and have been fortunate to meet John Layman and Rob Guillory on a few occasions at many comic cons. San Diego Comic Con 2012 would give Chew fans great news in what was to come in not only the series, but with future merchandise. There we would learn that John Layman and Rob Guillory would team up with Skelton Crew Studio to bring the Chog vinyl figure and future Chew collectibles. 

While we have been patiently been waiting, we would keep up with the updates thanks to John Layman and Skelton Crew Studio. We would get a chance to see the prototype and the final product. 

Well, the wait has finally been worth it and the Chogs have arrived! Skelton Crew Studio now has the Chogs available on their site and they are very limited to only 1000 pieces. As an added bonus that is still available, the first 400 pieces will also include a replica ticket to the "In the Kitchen with Chow Chu"signed by John Layman and Rob Guillory.  

Being huge fans of not only comics, we have had a love for toys for a very long time and have become huge fans in the Vinyl Toy world from Kidrobot, Munky King, to many amazing customs that artists create. We would now be given the best in both worlds of one of my favorite comics in Chew and a limited Vinyl Toy in the Chog. 

John Layman, Rob Guillory, and Skelton Crew Studio have created something amazing with great packaging for the Chog. The signature Chew logo on top and the Chog featured all around the box. "It's a Chicken. It's a Frog. It's Fricken ADORABLE." Without opening the box yet, I was excited just to hold the box finally to own my first Chog! At the bottom, you will see that it is a limited edition run of only 1000 and is individually numbered. 

Now it is time to open the box...

And there he was standing, ready to be free, the Chog vinyl figure. 

Skelton Crew Studio has definitely come through in creating an amazing vinyl figure with the Chog. The sculpt is terrific with great details all around the figure. They definitely have brought the Fricken to life. The blend of colors using the different shades of pink and yellow, help it to stand out. 

As we mentioned above, the first 400 would get the added bonus of the special ticket "In the Kitchen with Chow Chu" signed by both Chew creators John Layman and Rob Guillory. Again, they are still available!!

If you are a Chew fan, the Chog vinyl figure is a must to add to your collection. You will not be disappointed to place next to your comics. If you are a Vinyl toy collector, this definitely a piece you will want to add to your collection because of the creativity in this unique creature and sculpt. Speaking of vinyl toy collectors, Skelton Crew Studio have big plans to create a blank DIY Chog later this year! We definitely plan to get a few so that Angry Koala Gear's Obscure will get creative in his own custom Chogs. 

What I appreciate a great deal about Skelton Crew Studio in making the Chogs is that they are also big fans of the Chew comic series and of other great comics series such as Locke and Key, Mouse Guard, and Hellboy. They have been creating the unique Keys we have seen in Locke and Key, the Black Axe in Mouse Guard, and soon collectibles from Hellboy. We will keep you updated as we get the scoop! 

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