Thursday, June 6, 2013

Mayan Warrior God "Ah Tabai" Custom for The Ghost Within Us Show at San Diego Comic Con

Angry Koala Gear's Obscure is back at it again with another amazing creation for Beefy & Co.'s "The Ghost Within Us" Custom Toy Show for San Diego Comic Con. Beefy & Co. invited Obscure to do a couple of customs at their "So Badass, It's Good" Show at WonderCon, which had the artists customizing the Bad Bad Buddha vinyl figure. Thanks to Beefy & Co., Obscure was invited to do a couple of customs for their SDCC "The Ghost Within Us" Custom Show utilizing their Ghost Tribe Warrior figure. 

Ghost Tribe Warrior vinyl figure

This is a list of the artists that will be featured in "The Ghost Within Us" event at SDCC and we are excited and looking forward to seeing their customs.  

Obscure is still doing some finishing touches on his "The Ghost Within Us" custom titled, "Ah Tabai" (Mayan Warrior god) and it already looks awesome. 

To see more of Obscure's customs, you can find him on our site and visit Obscure's Corner! He is also on Instagram @obscureakg and @angrykoalagear

Thanks again to Beefy & Co. for the honor of participating in the "So Badass, It's Good" Show and "The Ghost Within Us"! You can visit Beefy & Co. at their site, and follow them on Instagram @beefypoo where you will see all the WIP customs for "The Ghost Within Us" show and their amazing works.

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