Monday, April 8, 2013

Beefy & Co.'s So Badass, It's Good Show at WonderCon Anaheim 2013

WonderCon 2013 was in Anaheim for the second year and it was another incredible year. We attended last year and all we can say is that what an amazing difference a year can make. It was a definite San Diego Comic Con preview with a tremendous attendance with thousands of fans. One of our favorite highlights of WonderCon would be Beefy & Co.'s booth for the So Badass, It's Good Show. 

Beefy & Co.'s So Badass, It's Good Show was an amazing event and show of its own at WonderCon, which featured many artists who would take Beefy's Bad Bad Buddha and create art by customizing the figure. 

 Chasing the Dragon by Nebulon5 (sold)

 Mega Madball Toe Hands by Jay222

 Bad Bad Yakuza by JonEBoi and Ghrunk Jawbreaker by Tim Wollweber

 Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner by Spanky Stokes and Self Sustaining Buddha by Big C

 The Lollipop Demon by The Forces of Dorkness

Krush by JRAD 

Fib Detector, Circa 1886 by DeeTen

Big Bad Yeti by JFury 

Soul Seeker by kOmega 

Nagol and Stay Puft by Uncle 

Cherry Pop by Kool51 

 Fatso by Big C

 Big Bad Cyclops King by Angry Koala Gear's very own Obscure

Bad Bad Ganesha by Angry Koala Gear's very own Obscure

Fire Boy by Kool51

Fat Gundam by Josh Mayhem

The So Badass, It's Good Show definitely created a show of its own with some very amazing customs by the artists. There were a few more pieces that would be featured and are actually available now on Beefy & Co.'s site right here

Not only was the art exhibition for the So Badass, It's Good Show, Beefy would also provide a great show with signings and meets and greets with the artists throughout the WonderCon weekend. One of those artists would be Uncle who would bring a few of his amazing pieces along. 

Beefy & Co. and WonderCon Anaheim 2013 would also bring in the introduction of MissyMToys and her Lil Buddha, which is her very first resin figure she created. The piece was very impressive and detailed. 

MissyM and I holding the Lil Buddha

The show did not stop here at Beefy & Co.'s booth. Beefy introduced his newest figure, 

Overall, Beefy & Co. definitely created something amazing at WonderCon Anaheim 2013 with the So Badass, It's Good Show! We had a lot of fun hanging out at the booth throughout the weekend. We thank Beefy for allowing Angry Koala Gear's very own Matt Perez aka Obscure to create a couple of pieces in the show, Bad Bad Ganesha and Big Bad Cyclops King

WonderCon Anaheim 2013 was not Beefy & Co.'s last stop for a great show to feature artists custom figures, but the beginning. They will also have a feature show to be named soon featuring Beefy's new figure the Ghost Tribe x Warrior vinyl figure. Stay tuned as more details come for the show and AKG's Obscure is excited to be part of the next show! 

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