Monday, April 29, 2013

Iron Man Tech at Disneyland's Innovations

Who's ready for some Iron Man 3 coming out this weekend? I'm absolutely ecstatic to see it.
Last week I had the opportunity to see the Iron Man Tech Presented by Stark Industries at Disneyland's Innovations. 

When walking past Star Tours and the Space Mountain you can see the signs outside the Innovations building advertising Iron Man.

When walking into the Innovations building, I admit that I got a bit turned around and didn't immediately see the Iron Man exhibit, then there it was.

Upon entering the exhibit you see pieces of Mark I, Mark II, Mark III and Mark XLII from the upcoming Iron Man 3 movie.

Next to the Iron Man suit parts was the "Suit Up" section of the exhibit. This interactive portion allowed users to stand on a sensor and "Become Iron Man" as the pieces of the suit snapped and locked together on screen. So yes you too can be Iron Man!

The next portion of the exhibit had the evolution of Tony Stark's Iron Man suits Mark I through Mark VII.

Then is this the latest and greatest suit from Stark Industries we will see in Iron Man 3? I'm sure it is.

If you are in Disneyland don't forget to check out the Iron Man Tech exhibit. 
It is a must for any Marvel fan.

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