Monday, February 25, 2013

Mickey Mouse and Friends Meets Voltron

What do you get when Mickey Mouse and Friends meets Voltron? Tamashii Nations is creating the Mickey and Friends Cho Gattai King Chogokin which combines Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Goofy, Willy, and Pluto into one massive King Robot.

Is this not the coolest mecha ever? In this extraordinary original collaboration between Tamashii Nations and Disney, classic Disney characters are portrayed as unique transforming and combining "Gattai" robots. True to the Chogokin brand, the Mickey and Friends Cho Gattai King Chogokin Robo Action Figure features die-cast, high-precision combination, and articulation. The 7 individual robots include Jet Mickey, Sky Minnie, Diver Donald, Aqua Daisy, Land Goofy, Dash Pluto and Kennel, and Ace Willie. Combine them together to form the massive King Robot that measures over 8-inches tall! Dream Stick and Magical Mirror accessories are also included in the set, along with 6 original-illustration postcard presentations as a limited first-production issue bonus.

Mickey Mouse - Mickey Jet

Minnie Mouse - Sky Minnie
Donald Duck - Donald Diver

Daisy Duck - Aqua Daisy
Goofy - Goofy Land

Steamboat Willie - Ace Willie
Pluto & His Kennel - Dash Pluto and Inugoya




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