Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Chogs are Coming Early 2013 from the Chew Series

Image Comics, Chew series from John Layman and Rob Guillory is one of my favorite comic series. I love this series for how different and crazy and fun it is written by Mr. Layman and I love the art by Rob Guillory. I was fortunate to attend San Diego Comic Con once again and I had to go to the Chew Panel because I was anxious to hear the news about the television series and learning that there would be Chogs and eventually Secret Agent Poyo toys! 

During the Chew panel, John Layman would introduce a surprise guest in the audience who was Israel Skelton, founder of Skelton Crew Studio. Skelton Crew Studio is the company who created the incredibly detailed keys for the Locke and Key series. He would tell the audience that Skelton Crew Studio was proud to announce that they would be creating Chew merchandise, which include vinyl Chogs and Poyo plush dolls. Along with the audience, I was very excited for this news! I did have a chance to talk to Israel Skelton after the panel and ask him about the Chew line and he was very thrilled himself because he is a fan of the series himself. This was great to know that the Chew figures would be in excellent hands because of Skelton being a fan himself. 

John Layman recently shared this picture of the Chogs prototype from Skelton Crew Studio and I had to learn more about them. I recently received an update from Mr. Israel Skelton and I had to share it for the Chew fans. The Chogs will be 4 inches tall and they are going to be vinyl. This run will come in two colors, a white paint-it-yourself version and a pink and yellow version, both limited editions. The Chogs will be released in early 2013. 

Angry Koala Gear is very excited to know that there will be a white paint-it-yourself version because we plan to do a couple of Chog customs! 

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