Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Vampirella Strikes #1 from Dynamite Entertainment

Fan-favorite Vampirella writer Tom Sniegoski returns with all new series - Vampirella Strikes!  Tom is one of the most successful fan favorite writers coming back to Vampirella, having previously written multiple Vampirella series including the long running Vengeance of Vampirella #1- #25.  Vampirella Strikes #1 features covers by the late, great Michael Turner, all-star artist David Finch, as well as Milo Manara, and a cover by series artist Johnny D.!  And, for the first time, Dynamite is offering each cover as each own item to allow fans and retailers to order their favorite cover!

Also available is the Vampirella Strikes #1 Subscription Special Limited Edition Photo Cover!  Limited to initial orders only, this is for the comic fans who subscribe with their local retailer and only available as a limited edition subscription order.

In Vampirella Strikes #1, Fearful that her monstrous nature is taking control, Vampirella takes solace in some extreme violence, and conversation, all topped off with a nice glass of Merlot, in a Boston tavern overrun by the demonic in the first part of this six issue story.  Living in a world of growing supernatural threats, Vampirella never knows what she will be facing from one moment to the next, but what she finds waiting for her in her Boston Brownstone when she returns from a night of hunting is the most unexpected of all.  Angels of Heaven sent by God . . . and they want Vampirella to work for them.
"They say you can't go home again . . . or write sexy vampiric characters who kick major ass that you started your comics career with-so you can guess my trepidation when asked by Nick Barrucci, President of Dynamite Comics, to write Vampirella again," says writer Tom Sniegoski. "But, you know what?  It wasn't so hard.  I think I might've missed her. For my first Vampirella Strikes storyline (On the Side of Angels), I'm taking our heroine to a place she's never really been before.  Sure, Vampirella has done battle with all kinds of monsters, beasts and demons of various shapes and sizes, but I wanted to take her out of her element-I wanted to push her into a world commonly believed to be one of light, and goodness, and show her that there is darkness there as well."

"Working with Tom on this Vampirella series has been an absolute blast," states artist Johnny D.!  "I love dark gritty subject matter so exploring the underbelly of Boston's streets along side of the she devil , was the best drawing experience I've had to date.  My passion really shines through the dark clouds and smoldering dismembered demons that litter the path of Vampi that I can simply sum up as, a labor of love ...... so sharpen those fangs and be prepared to take a bite out of this great series!"

"It's nice to be able to work with Tom on a new Vampi story," adds Dynamimte Editor Joe Rybandt.  "And adding Johnny D. to the mix makes this a truly ‘horrifying' event!"

"I've known Tom for nearly 20 years, and have wanted him to return to Vampirella since day one that we were moving forward publishing comics favorite female vampire.  Unfortunately, due to his prior commitments to his novels, he was not able to.  When you're a New York Times Best-Selling author, a lot of people want your attention.  We actually had to plan approximately two years ahead for Tom to fit in to his schedule.  And it is ABSOLUTELY worth the wait.  Adding Johnny D to the art is a perfect compliment to Tom's story.  We're proud to present this incredible six issue limited series." States Dynamite President Nick Barrucci.


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