Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Walking Dead #100 Covers and SDCC Exclusives

Walking Dead #100 is nearly upon us with less than three weeks to go! It is really hard to believe that the 100th issue is nearly here. Robert Kirkman has taken us on an amazing ride with an incredible series that continues to only get better. I remember when the series was criticized for being in black and white, but still is popular, and more than ever. I remember when Zombies would be a fad to come and go, but more popular than ever. I remember when AMC's The Walking Dead started and became a phenomenon. The 100th issue is definitely huge, and thanks to Mr. Kirkman, Skybound Entertainment, and Image Comics for making it a great treat to The Walking Dead fans, with multiple covers. 

Charlie Adlard Cover

Marc Silvestri Cover

Frank Quitely Cover

Todd McFarlane Cover

Sean Phillips Cover

Bryan Hitch Cover

Ryan Ottley Cover

Charlie Adlard Wraparound Cover

200 Copy Adlard B&W Retailer Incentive Cover

All these amazing covers remind me of the 1990's when there would be multiple variant covers for that big anniversary issue, especially the Chromium Edition that will also be available based on Charlie Adlard's wraparound cover. 

Because The Walking Dead #100 will be released on July 11th just in time for San Diego Comic Con, SDCC attendees will be in for a treat for exclusives. 

Diamond Comics will have a SDCC The Walking Dead #100 exclusive cover.

Not enough? 

Well, Skybound Enertainment and Robert Kirkman have created the ultimate experience for The Walking Dead fans in honor of the release of the 100th issue with The Walking Dead Escape. The Walking Dead Escape will be at Petco Park during the San Diego Comic Con throughout the weekend and will be an amazing experience to either be a Walker, Survivor, or Spectator. All Walkers and Survivors will be given an exclusive Walking Dead Escape variant cover for The Walking Dead #100. 

If you were thinking about registering for the Walking Dead Escape, you may want to sign up soon because all of the Walker sign ups are now sold out, so registering to be a Survivor will be the only way to get this exclusive cover. 

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