Sunday, June 24, 2012

Legendary Scale Adam Hughes' Catwoman Teaser from Sideshow Collectibles

As we get closer to July coming, this becomes an incredible time for comic book, toy, movie and art fans alike. San Diego Comic Con is nearly upon us with less than three weeks to go and Sideshow Collectibles always makes their presence with one of our favorites booths every year. With their Journey to Comic Con 2012, Sideshow Collectibles will not only tease us with the SDCC Exclusives, but with new future products to come. This week has been terrific in great teasers, and this next one is no exception in the first of DC Comics Legendary Scale Catwoman. What makes this Catwoman even more special is that it is from the "amazing" Adam Hughes. 

Some collectibles fit nicely on a mantle. Others fare better on a coffee table. Sideshow’s Legendary Scale™ Figures, measuring at roughly 1:2 Scale, could inspire you to ditch the coffee table altogether. Our first DC Comics Legendary Scale™ Figure will be available for Pre-Order in the very near future. Keep your litter box handy for more revealing photos!

We love Adam Hughes art and here are a few reasons why.  

Definitely one we hope to see at San Diego Comic Con! 

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